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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Politics: Hindi ka nag iisa

Saw this over Chuvaness' blog. I just have to share it.

My initial thoughts (warning these are my personal opinions only):

- I have nothing against politics, nor do I have anything against show business. But this video just proved that Politics and Show Business is one and the same thing. Sad.

- It looks like a promo video for an up and coming Teleserye or a Station ID. Ergo, our nation as a teleserye?

- Very Costly, even though it was paid by friends, don't think there was much marketing thought out for this. Why a song?

- There is no recall in the song.

- "Hindi ka nag iisa" has no recall for me too.

- Can I just say Mariel and Marian were sooo beautiful in this hehe.

- Kris was the only one n Black, it looks like she's the one running instead of NoyNoy.

- On the other hand I am doing them a favor posting this for more people to see. lol

I have no Political favorites yet, I have a clean even slate. Let's see what's more to come. Everyone has to do their job and really vote wisely. Like advertising, know the candidates, know who they are, because everyone should have a right to choose and vote. Hopefully people know how to choose for the right reasons.

Update: I just saw the whole ad/song on TV just now. And really.. it's too melo-dramatic rather than uplifting.

Toodles :)


  1. ugh im sorry but I hate political ads with actors/actresses. But in fairness Marian looked pretty nga hahah

  2. @Maui Diba? Saying Marian and MAriel looked pretty was like my only positive comment hahaha

  3. I hate politics & mixing it with show business makes it much worse...oh well....

  4. O Gosh...Politics + Entertainment do not mix. It's like boring + interesting stuff. Aye...

  5. @adin_22 True thanks for sharing your opinion

    @~Lisa not a good combination.

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