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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dashe Cosmetics 30pc Brush Set

Okay, I just can't wait to post this. When I got home today/tonight/this morning (it was already 12mn) lol, I was so happy to see a package waiting for me! By the way before I could get inside the house, me, my sister and the house helps were locked outside, we had to get a stick to get the key haha long story. So given that you could imagine the relief once I stepped foot inside the house, better yet to see a package waiting for me yes? :)

Anyway Me and Maui had ordered one set of Dashe Cosmetics 30pc brush set each to use for school. Even though we both had tons of brushes those are all personal, we decided to get one for school and future clients. Because I'm so excited about it, I just can't wait to share it with everyone!!

Here are pics of the set:

(Please click image to enlarge)

Comes in a leather case

When open

Each brush actually came in its individual plastic, but I took it out because, let's be real, I'm gonna end up losing some of the plastic in a couple of days and I just don't want to go through the "it looks so nice since its new nobody touch it and keep it in the plastic" phase. If i let that happen then I'll never get to test them hahaha!

Closer Look

Each brush has Dashe Cosmetics printed on them with a cute crown design

Looking at all the brushes is really over whelming since there are 30 of them. And as much as I want to try them all, they need a bath first. Haha But off hand, this blending brush was an eye catcher for me, so dense I can't wait to use it:

Yayyy to my new brush set for school! :) I totally love it. I Promise to do an in depth review on the brushes included in this set. But first, I have to go to wash them and uhh get ready for bed. School starts later!

Oh btw, I saw some commarts friends earlier in greenbelt, Lace and Adie to be exact. Just wanted to thank them for reading my blog, it's good to know I have non bloggers who read my blog hehe! And yes Lace I will blogsale soon! :) Promise to put on make up for you guys soon! Thanks soo much!! Mwahhsss

Toodles! :)


  1. ohh those brushes look delish!! how much??

  2. yayyy! I cant wait to get mine :) see you in a bit

  3. @Beauty by Sara P. the set is only PHP3400 approximately USD70 :)

    @Maui yayyyy! :)

  4. very pretty caby! Is it soft? Yes, blogsale ka na! I cant wait for your blog sale. :)

  5. yes i can imagine the feeling having package waiting for you at home !thats one o fthe best feelings in the world !lol
    blog sale !heheh

  6. yayness for 30pcs brush! Enjoy school! i'm sure it'll be very helpful for school and your future clients :)

  7. @Charry Yeap super soft and dense the brush set. Sige i;ll fix na my blogsale hehe :)

    @Vanilla just like christmas morning :)

    @Nikki Thanks super exciting :)

  8. Very very cute! Can't wait for the review!

  9. @cheechun will do within the week hopefully :)

  10. hullo~! i love your blog :)

    i nominated you for a blog award: http://geli-pet.blogspot.com/2009/11/pacquiao-cotto-and-mermaid.html


  11. @geli-pet Thanks sweetie will check ;)

  12. I've been wanting to buy brushes from Dashe too! I'm very interested in your review of their foundation brush and the stippling brush. :)

  13. @Nina Ohh, their set only has the foundation brush, no stipling, I think you buy them separately. :)

  14. Ooh! So many nice brushes!! Good luck in makeup school and future gigs =D

  15. I`m waiting for the review because those brushes look great.

  16. Where can I purchase my own pair from?

  17. ~Lisa yes they are :)

    @Gabriela :)

    @Anonymous you can get them online on their multiply store

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