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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Product Spotlight: MUFE Sculpting Kit #03

Hey girls, decided to do a review today on MAKE UP FOR EVER SCULPTING KIT in 03.
This was a gift given by my boyfriend back in April when he came here to visit me in Manila. He brought along this sculpting kit and like 3 other paper bags full of goodies from Sephora. It was LOVE. Hehe

Anyway, I only have 2 sculpting kits. I have the 6-pc coastal scents/dollface cosmetix contour palette and this one. On regular days If I put on make up at home, I use the contour palette, on other days especially if I am not home I use the MUFE kit. Basically because MUFE is always in my kikay kit I dont see it when I put on make up at home. So when I need to do make up outside, MUFE it is :) So let's begin:

Without FlashWith Flash(medium red brown/ ivory beige)
Size of compact: 5inches x 2inches
Size of each pan: 2inches

Each shade comes in its own pan thus lessening both colors mixing together. I really love the fact that I can bring this compact anywhere with me since it fits in any small bag. The pans are also refillable with a little hole at the back to push the pans out. The colors are great too, here are the swatches:

On Fingers

On Skin

What can I say, the boyfriend really knows how to choose the right color for me. The colors are just right on my skin, of course with a lot of blending. I use an Angled Blush Brush for my contour and highlighting with this product. This palette really does a good job and extra snaps for it being refillable eh? :)

To run things down, here are what I like and don't like about the product.

- Brand has 4 types of shade kits to choose from
- Contour and Highlight comes in separate pans
- Refillable
- Pigmented therefore lasting me forever (Ive ad mine for more than 6 months and i'm not even 1/4 into the pan)
- Super portable!

- Pricey!! $45 a kit (approx. PHP2,000)
- The clear cover gets scratchy :( I just want it to look new forever hehe

Will I repurchase? Probably not since mine will last me a loong time. :)

I definitely recomend this kit from Make Up Forever. Maybe not in the exact shade but, the product overall is superb! :) I don't know how this product will compare to MAC's Sculpt and Shape since I don't have one. But I definitely want one to compare hehe *ahem*ahem* lol

How about you lovelies? What is your favorite Contour and Highlight Product? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. I've seen this kit and loved to purchase one someday! I need to use up my current one first, thanks for the review the shade looks fab!

  2. @Nikki I wish I could say i'll use my current one up first before trying a new one works all the time for me hehe

  3. Nice! I love my sculpt and shape though mines about to hit the pan booo!

  4. @Maui I want a sculpt and shape too, but like what Nikki said I need to use my current one first hehe

  5. this is nice but it's so pricey! me, i also have the 6-piece one from CS and i also have the stila contouring trio. that's what i use more often. it's tiny though :(

  6. @Crystal I really like the 6pc from coastal scents super useful and affordable :)

  7. I've never seen this. Maybe I just didn't notice it LOL since I don't usually contour my face. I'm a lazy butt and I know it XD

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