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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New year FOTD!

Hey Girls! In my part of the world it is approximately 3 hours till the New Year. My mom had told me, that a lucky color for 2010 was blue. So I chose to wear something blue and do a FOTD with blue as an inspiration. I read somewhere that it is a faux pas to wear colors of make up the same as the color your clothes are. But what the heck, it's new year and I want all the luck I can get. Hehe

So here it is, my New Year FOTD.

What I used:

Graftobian Hi-Def Cream foundation
Cinema Secrets Concealer
Max factor Translucent Powder
NARS Bronzer in Laguna
MAC Irridescent Powder in Belightful
NARS Blush in Desire

MAC e/s in Photorealism
MAC e/s in Deep truth
MAC e/s Fresh Water
Stil smudge pot in black
Estee Lauder Mascarra
Ardell Brow Filler

Smashbox gloss
Nichido Pencil liner in nude
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Skin

As we welcome 2010 we bring with ourselves the lessons that we picked up from 2009. Let us all give thanks to the wonderful year that we are about to leave and enter 2010 with full force and positivism.

Happy New Year Girls!! :)

Toodles! :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

De-potting my UDPP

Hey guys, first of all a Merry Merry Christmas to everyone out there. I hope everyone had a Christmas full of love and sharing. :)

About a week back, I decided to de-pot my UDPP since the wand wasn't getting anymore product and I know from other reviews and videos about how much product you can still get when you do this. But honestly I was shocked at exactly how much I got. hehe

So first, on the kitchen counter, I got a knife and sliced through the middle part of the UDPP.

Check out the product already :)

Next are the following images showing how much product was still in the jar. I also decided open the bottom part of the jar and ta-da! more product to de-pot!

click image to enlarge

Here's the empty UDPP jar with the remaining contents in a separate jar. I was able to fill up an empty screw top jar. I was expecting to fill only half. I guess I won't be buying any UDPP anytime soon! hehe

Toodles! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

GRAFTOBIAN High Definition Color Palette in Warm 2

Hey girls, so another HD make up I bought from Steph is the Graftobian High Definition Color Paletter in Warm 2. I decided to get the palette instead of the single pots since:

1) I was having a hard time choosing which color would be best for me
2) Getting 5 colors in a palette would be perfect to just mix and match for different clients
3) A little goes a long way, the palette will last me a long time

Formulated to yield flawless High Definition results whether or not you're in front of a camera.

Directions: Apply with white foam sponge wedge or makeup brush. Set with face powder.

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric/Triglyceride, Octyl (Ethylhexyl) Palmitate, Carnauba (Copernicia Cerifera) Wax, Petrolatum, Lanolin oil, Bees Wax, Ozeokerite Wax, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, PTFE, BHA, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, N-Butylparaben.

May Contain: Castor (Ricinus Communis Seed) Oil, Candelilla (Euphorbia Cerifera) Wax, Microsystalline Wax, Hydrogenated Lanolin, Polybutene, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Talc, D&C Red #7 Ca Lake, D&C Red #6 Ba Lake, FD&C Yellow #% Al Lake, Ultramarines, Chronium Oxide Green, Mica, Polyester Mylar Glitter Dust. (CI 77891, 77499, 77491, 77492, 15850, 19140, 77007, 77288)

From Left-Right
Desert Sand
Golden Sunset
Deep Xanthe
Midnight Marigold


From Left-Right
Desert Sand
Golden Sunset
Deep Xanthe
Midnight Marigold

The HD Cream is very very veryyyy pigmented! As you can see from the swatch the coverage is great! Mind you I used very very very little for the swatch. Also the consistency is like Cinema Secrets foundation. Smooth, silky and easy to spread. The only thing I noticed about this is it should be kept in a cool place otherwise oil settles on the surface of the product. But its pretty simple just put it in the fridge for a bit, take it out and store it back in your train case.

The swatches were done on my inner arm therefore it is at least 2 shades lighter than the shade on my face. So basing it from the swatch, Desert Sand and Golden Sunset are the closest shades to my face. So what I did was I mixed both colors together to see the outcome, and it seemed right. I couldn't swatch it on my face right then since I wasn't in the mood yet to put anything on my face.

There you can see Desert Sand and Golden Sunset mixed

I still have yet to see the different combination I can come up with using the 5 different shades. But it seems that the possibilities are endless. Weeeh! :) So later in the evening I had to go to a Christmas party, Perfect time to use my new products. Here's my FOTD using this palette.

Click image to view larger

Smashbox photo finish primer
Graftobian HD foundation in Desert Sand and Golden Sunset
Graftobian HD Pro Powder in Cleopatra using a stippling brush to lightly set
NARS Casino Bronzer
Nars Albatross for highlights
Nichido in peach glow for blush

Cinema Secrets concealer palette in kit #2
UDPP on lids
28 Neutral Palette for neutral e/s

Ever Bilena Lip Liner in Nude
32 Lip Palette for lipstick

Finally tried the Graftobian HD Pro Powder with this. I used it to set the foundation very very lightly since I didn't want heavy coverage and it was perfect!

Again you can get this palette at www.hdmakeup.multiply.com from Steph on hand! So yayyy! :)

Definitely worth it for 5 colors! Yayyy!

Get your HD makeup now. :)

Toodles! :)

GRAFTOBIAN HD Pro Powder Foundation

Move over MAC Studio Fix and Hello Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation! Why settle for your favorite powder foundation when you can go HD? HD or High Definition is the future of make up. Or let me rephrase that; HD or High Definition is what all make up should be. Make up should help you enhance your features in any situation, whether for everyday, in photographs (pro or non pro), on film or what have you! And HD make up does that!

Graftobian along with Cinema Secrets, RCMA, Kryolan, Ben Nye and a few other brands are what I consider non-commercialized products. They are not what you usually find in your local beauty stores in malls. These brands were designed as Theater and Film make up to give you that flawless complexion usually found only online or specialty beauty stores in the US. These products are very pigmented and very affordable. HD is the way to go. :)

Here's a review on Graftobian's HD Pro powder foundation in Cleopatra:

Our Silky Smooth Pressed Powder Foundation is Highly Pigmented for Exceptional Coverage and Blends Easily for a Natural Finish. Ideal for creating a matte HD finish following the use of Graftobian's High Definition Glamour Cremes.

Directions: "HD Pro Powder Foundation can be applied dry with either a brush or the provided sponge. Using a brush will allow more translucency, while a sponge will provide more opacity to the coverage. Apply with a wet sponge for even greater coverage. When using over a creme foundation application, it is suggested that a light brush (like a fan brush) be used to apply the HD Pro Powder for a soft and natural looking finish to the makeup" -Suzanne Patterson

Contains: Talc, Lecithin, Silica, Isopropyl Palmitate, Squalene, Dimethicone, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines.

The Product

With sponge included

Sticker on inside compartment

Cleopatra shade is in between NC40-NC45. My usual MAC shade is NC40-42, I say this product is in between since the coverage varies from how you choose to apply this. Like what the description says, If you choose to apply this product with a wet sponge, you achieve the most coverage giving you the darkest shade it can get which is NC45-ish. However I choose not to apply the product with a sponge (wet or dry) because I won't be needing heavy coverage since I'd use this product mainly for touch ups or setting over cream foundations.

So for me the best way to apply this is with a stippling brush. :)

From left - right
Swatch of Cleopatra
Buffed in using a stippling brush
With Flash

The texture of the Graftobian Pro Powder Foundation once applied and buffed in is very smooth and silky. This is good for people who have oily skin (like me) since it gives off a matte finish. So purchasing this was right timing since my MAC Studio Fix just hit pan. And I don't think i'll be going back to that now that I have a HD powder at hand. Weeeeeh! So happy! :)

Did I forget to mention that these products are available on hand locally? Yes they are. You can get your Graftobian products at www.hdmakeup.multiply.com from the wonderful seller Steph. :)

Toodles! :)

STILA out of line smudge pot trio

Hey guys, so I have been looking around the market for a good gel liner since I wasn't so happy with the avon gel liner I currently have. Top choices were of course MAC gel liner, Coastal Scents liners and Stila smudge pots. The easiest to get out of all 3 were the coastal scents liners since a lot of online stores here sell gel liners same as coastal scents. They are pretty affordable too for about PHP300++ a piece. But for some reason I never bought one. Until one day in GT someone was taking pre-orders for Stila Products, and among those products was the Stila smudge pot trio in Black, Bronze and Gray. The best part was it came with a mini eye liner brush and all this was only for PHP870!!!!! So I got a set and this morning it arrived! Yayy! :)

The trio with the mini brush

Here's a closer look at each smudge pot:




Mini brush it is on my palm hehe


Black, Bronze and Gray
swatched using stila mini eye liner brush

I'm really happy that I waited to buy gel liners, it's what I call good instinct. If I had purchased a gel liner from when I realized I needed a new one then I would have missed this great opportunity to get a Stila smudge pot trio for only PHP 870! That is like the cost of 1 gel liner alone in MAC or Stila. I like everything about it, it's small and compact, therefore easy to fit in my make up case. It also easy glides on, dries easily and when dry very smudge proof. :)

I can't say if this is better than the MAC fluidline, I'd have to borrow my sister's to check but all I can say is I won't really see the need to compare since this is already a great product!

Oh, by the way, Armie the person I bought this from has some more Stila products on hand right now. She has Stila loves Barbie sets available for a cheaper price! Get them while they are still available! These run out fast so hurry!!! Click HERE to shop! :)

Toodles! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ELF All Over Coverstick as dupe for NARS The Multiple

I don't really remember the reason why I bought this ELF cover stick but now looking at it again, I am happy I purchased this. Earlier today while I was looking through the contents inside my train case I picked up the ELF all over coverstick and swatched it.

Last month when I attended the Nars workshop with Marc Christopher Gale, one of the products we used was The Multiple in Copacabana. The Multiple is a multi-purpose stick for the eyes, lips, cheeks and body. You can practically use this stick for everything. The product has subtle shimmers which is great for highlighting and creating dewy glowy complexions. During the workshop, we used The Multiple as eye shadow base to give a bright glowing effect to whatever shadow you decide to put on. So where am I leading? Well today I discovered that ELF All Over Cover Stick in Persimmon is a great dupe of NARS The Multiple in Copacabana.

Here is why:

All Over Color Stick

3 in 1 color for your eyes, lips, and or face! Get the color that illuminates for a healthy glow, and instantly soothes and conditions the skin for fresh and natural color all day long.

Here's the swatch on my hand:

Used as a base for eye shadow:

Swatch on the left is without the ELF coverstick and the one on the right is with the soverstick. From the swatch alone, you can see that the color is more vibrant. And because of the subtle shimmer of the coverstick it also gives the shadow a nice glow to it.

IMO the ELF all Over Coverstick is a perfect Dupe for the NARS Multiple. I don't own a NARS Multiple however when I tried it, I honestly felt I could do away with such a product since it's also very pricey at $37. But for those who are more of on the go type of people, or those who want to achieve a subtle glow to your look but on a budget, I suggest getting the ELF All Over Coverstick. The product is only PHP120 if I am not mistaken in any SM Deprartment Store. Also because of the cheap price, I suggest keeping one in your traincase just in case, you never know you may need this product for a certain situation. And with its many uses Im sure you'll be able to put this product to use.

P.S A few days till I turn 23. Still don't know what to do then. I hope my parents give me make up. LOL

Also just some reviews and posts to look forward to:

1. STILA Smudgepots in Black, Blue and Grey
2. Graftobian Foundation Palette in Warm 2
3. Graftobian Pro Powder in Cleopatra

Toodles! :)


The Coca-Cola Company’s HALika! Caravan at Rajah Sulayman Park on December 19, Saturday, 6 AM and be part of the benefit workout!

The Coca-Cola Company has been supporting numerous advocacies that help Filipinos from all walks of life through its various projects – including the Healthy and Active Living Campaign. The campaign, which aims to promote its three core values: Balanced Nutrition, Proper Hydration and Regular Physical Activity, started in 2005 with the concept of losing calories for a cause. It culminated in a ten hour workout in Market! Market!, where The Coca-Cola Company donated one peso for every calorie burned. Last year, The Coca-Cola Company ventured in mounting this activity in four nationwide workouts which happened in Cebu, Davao, Baguio and Manila. The workouts received favorable support from the local government units, their constituents and the charities they supported.

This year, despite the negative economic conditions, the company is committed to continue its support to these advocacies. The charity workouts, which started in San Fernando La Union last August, took place in four key cities nationwide, and finally culminating in the City of Manila, in cooperation with the City Government and Smart Future Foundation, Inc, an organization dedicated to helping visually-impaired children through educational programs and financial assistance.

For more Information get in touch with:

Meryll Sarco – 0928-5204344; meryll.sarco@gruposorbetero.com

Toodles! :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

That Smile Before Music Video :)

Hey guys its up!!! Chris Masami's Music Video is finally up on Flippish.com. If you can recall in one of my previous posts, we shot his music video.

The final output it soooo nice, check it out here:


Click on screen caps to direct you to the video :)

Enjoy watching the video and spread the love :)

Toodles! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Perfect Tool Holder

Since I was at Podium the other day, I decided to drop by The Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty to pick up a tool belt. Dyna was also kind enough to tour me around the school.

The Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty is located at the 4th floor of The Podium Mall in Ortigas. Dyna was also a graduate of LCI Manila and then she moved to Brisbane to study more make up. Now she is with The Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty. :)

Thanks so much for the wonderful tool belt. :)

My tool belt with the brushes I will be using for tomorrow's shoot

This tool belt is truly professional, it has 20 individual pockets to store 1 or 2 brushes each, 4 big big pockets for other tools like mirrors, scissors, and other essentials, and another 4 pockets right down the middle of the tool belt. :) It is really really nice, it will really store a lot of brushes. :)

This tool belt is also very big, the pockets at the very last row is very deep. Perfect for artist brushes like Bobbi Brown or Craft store brushes whose handles are longer than other brands like MAC. It's not so obvious in the pic above since the brushes in the back row aren't pushed in all the way.

Another thing I like about this tool belt is the lock, it is not the usual "clip" type plastic lock that you usually find in belt bags. The ones that are usually made out of plastic. This is really like a belt type. Making this tool belt very very durable! :)

Here's me wearing the tool belt:

This is a really really nice tool belt, this is big enough to fit in the essential brushes and other tools. Drop by the school too in Podium since they are also selling the local favorite brushes like Dashe and Suesh, train cases by Suesh and a bunch of neat palettes from Australia. :)

Thanks Dyna for the wonderful (discounted) tool belt and the tour around your school. :)

Go get your Professional Tool Belt too for only PHP1200! :)

Toodles! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Discovery: Semi Permanent Eye Pencils

In my quest for waterproof makeup, I took time to really check out the beauty stores available here around Manila. Basically what I needed was a really good eye shadow base or basically eye liner with the exact colors I was looking for. The obvious choices that were out there were MUFE aqua eyes and KRYOLAN Aqua Color Palette 12. I knew that the MUFE was gonna be pricey per piece and the KRYOLAN Aqua Color was well relatively a good price but double its USD price. So I searched and searched for alternatives before settling for the obvious products.

And alas! I found it! THE PERFECT ALTERNATIVE!

STYLI-STYLE Line & Seal 24-Hour Power Line & Seal 24-Eyes!!

It claims to be:
- Waterproof
- Lasts 24 Hours
- Smudge Proof
- Semi Permanent Eye Liner

First, what drew me to the revolving kiosk was the wide range of eye liners they had. I was desperately hoping they had the colors that I needed for an affordable price. Aside from that it was also waterproof, just what I needed. I got the colors Jade and Deep Purple

A pic of the swatch of Jade and Deep Purple

After 30 seconds upon application i tried rubbing the eye liner off vigorously and here's a pic of that:

The colors faded a bit but its still very bright and there are no smudges amidst the vigorous rubbing. Amazing!! :)

On to the second test, I sprayed water on top of the swatches. You may not be able to see the water but I promise there is water there :)

And again, with the water there this time, I tried rubbing the eye liner off.

And surprise!! Still no smudges! And the color didn't change a bit!!!

So am I convinced? DEFINITELY! It really does what it says it will. Now I know what Semi Permanent means hehe.

This product is available in all Beauty Bars for only PHP425!!!! I am definitely getting more of these. :)

Perfect for my shoot! Yayyy :)

Toodles! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Wishes

Its December already, and my does time go by fast. This year has gone past in a breeze, a lot of things have happened and fortunately I consider them good things. :)

This year has been full of love. I welcomed the year with my love my boyfriend, I entered a job closer to what I studied in college and of course, my passion for makeup has just evolved.

I always look forward to December not only because of Christmas but because December i also my birth month! :) I always feel this every year. The feeling that December just came too fast and too soon, but it still shocks me every time. It just sucks though how sometimes, well quite often than not I end up celebrating my birthday and Christmas at the same goes for presents haha.

I turn 23 this year but I wish I was 21 forever hehe. I really feel that next year once January sets in, whatever I decide to do next in my life has to be the goal and what I really want to do. I have declined a few job offers recently that would pay bills but I know in t he end it will make me unhappy. Therefore I really have to be sure with my next steps. And right now, I really am considering make up as a profession. I have taken the first few steps, enrolling into LCI, my make-up brush business (Coming veryy soon!) and taking on a few make up gigs to immerse myself in the environment. I am also highly considering another step that will stenghten my make up passion further although it entails a really big investment so I really have to be sure about the current path I am taking. I have wanted nothing less now except for make up, I even stopped lemming about luxury bags haha so given that, here is my birthday Christmas list:

1) "I am also highly considering another step that will stenghten my make up passion further although it entails a really big investment so I really have to be sure about the current path I am taking." -- I really want this *fingers crossed*

2) A whole line of HD Makeup; Foundations/Concealers/Translucent Powder from: RCMA , Graftobian, Cinema Secrets.

3) Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette

4) Beauty Blender - I know some people selling it here but without the cleanser, but I am highly contemplating since I find PHP1200++ still quite expensive for just one sponge and no cleanser. So I dunno, I hope I get one for my birthday or Christmas. Or get my brother to buy one for me *ahem*ahem* Hello brother If you are reading this. :)

Basically right now, those are the things that I really want, I'm kind of obsessed about creating a perfect base for makeup thus the beauty blender and HD makeup. I have my Cinema Secrets ones but I still need some in other colors. Oh, there are some brands too that I want to try like: Joe Blasco, Face Atelier and Yaby Cosmetics.

Even though I'll be a year older this month, I'm glad to celebrate my Birthday and Christmas happy in love and beautiful because of makeup haha.

Toodles! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

KPOP Convention (pic heavy)

Hey Girls, today was a fun filled colorful day. Literally hehe. I was given the chance to be Make Up Artist for the first ever Philippine KPOP Convention held at the Alabang Starmall.

For those who aren't familiar (I wasn't before this haha) KPOP or Korean Pop Convention is a gathering of everyone who is a fan of Korean pop. And wow, the turn out was crazy!!!!!!! The place was filled with different booths of different korean pop stars and groups and a program was also held. There were games, dance contests, singing and also cosplaying, of course all within the KPOP theme. My good friend Kring is actually the founder of KPOP Philippines and she organized the whole event. Proceeds of all tickets will go to Gawad Kalinga and a total of about 2 thousand people came! It was crazy! Super successful! MYX and Flippish.com were only a few of the sponsors.

So what was I doing there? Well Im not really a fan girl but don't get me wrong I like korean music but it doesn't count coz umm I only know 3 songs hehe. But I was there to do the make up of the Hosts Kring Elenzano and Roxanne Barcelo. We had little time to do make up since everyone was soo busy! But it was all good. :)

Here are some of the images from today.

Before the show

By the booths:

Chrina Cuna of Flippish.com

This guy was giving free hugs hahaha

When these life size pictures arrived everyone went crazy!!! But forgive me I don't know them. lol

During the Show:

Kring and Roxanne:

Backstage Pics wth moi:

Me using Ellana minerals foundation and blush

It was such a fun filled day no doubt. I never knew until now how big of a following KPOP has in the Philippines. It was really fun watching them scream and really enjoy themselves over korean pop. Congratulations Kring and to the whole KPOP community. Looking forward to the next KPOP convention. :)

Toodles! :)