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Sunday, December 19, 2010

An early Birthday and Christmas Gift!

Hi all, I know i have lacked in the regular updates, product reviews and in all makeup related with this blog. I have been a little busy with work since December is a crazy month for Make Up Artists. I have been so busy that I forgot that Christmas is so close and my birthday even closer (December 20). But amidst the crazy sched, I received such a wonderful surprise. Probably one of the best in my life so far. Something which reminded me that yes, Christmas and My Birthday is just around the corner, and I received such a wonderful gift. :)

I was featured in Metro Weddings Volume 10 No. 2 in a half page article about my work. And I tell you I am in total Bliss! It is such a wonderful blessing. This year has got to be the best year in my life so far. I am so happy that I finally found myself in this industry. Here's the feature in the magazine.

Click image to enlarge and click again for a closer look

A cropped version

So far it has been such a wonderful journey. I am ecstatic beyond words for this and I can't stop smiling. I really from the bottom of my heart thank the beautiful Metro Weddings Editor-in-chief Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro for this dazzling feature, thank you so so so much! Thank you to Sheena Ramos for the awesome write-up and to Cathlyn Pavia for her beautiful face. You guys are in my hearts forever. You have no idea how happy you guys have made me. :)

For those residing in Manila and in the Philippines, you can grab a copy of this issue's Metro Wedding Magazine in the nearest news stands and bookstores. :) This issue features the beautiful bride to be Kristine Hermosa and a lot more real life brides, beauty and wedding fashion features.

Happy Christmas Y'all! Let's share the blessings through love and happiness :)

Toodles! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Talika Lipocils Expert: Longer, thicker and fuller lashes! :)

Just like full eyebrows, I am really big on big, full, long and thick lashes. I'm addicted to mascaras that promise me bigger and fuller lashes. Nowadays I feel empty when I don't get to make my lashes feel fuller and longer with different products. That's why when an angel (also known as Gian) sent me a package , it immediately fluttered my fancy. Gian sent me a sample of Talika Lipocils Expert.

"Discover the absolutely safe solution to naturally enhance the beauty of your lashes in just 28 days.
This amazing lash enhancer is composed of a blend of natural actives from the inventor of the original eyelash growth product in 1948 in France. It has no side effect.
Whether you feel your lashes look too short, sparse, brittle or lack shine and curl, or if you just dream of longer, shinier, sexier looking lashes, Lipocils Expert is your answer…. without side effects."

Talika is simple in creating products that give solution to our appearance's stressful concerns such as our eyes, nails, hands, face and skin. We all want to look better and with Talika's innovation in giving us products that provide emergency solutions for immediate results, they are sure to cater to everyone's needs.

I'm really excited to see the results of Talika's Lipocils expert on my eye lashes. I am currently using them now and will definitely show you guys the results. :) Everyone should have flirty lashes, and now that's possible with Talika's Lipocils Expert! :)

If you are interested in trying this wonderful product, you may place your orders at:


Soon, these products will be available in local department stores! Weeeehh! :)

Toodles! :)