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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have been good: Birthday/Christmas wishlist! :)

Christmas is literally just around the corner, a time of giving and receiving. Throughout the year we always look forward to Christmas because the festive season allows us to wish and if lucky own the things we want. :) I have been so good this year! haha here's my Christmas wish list:


These days I hardly bring my portable makeup trolley with mirror and lights to shoots, especially when I know that the place of shoot already has a dressing room fit with mirror and lights but if otherwise I bring my trolley. The reason I hardly bring my trolley is because it is so heavy! Thus 1st on my list is this ZUCA for MAC bag. I think this is perfect, easy to lug around and it also doubles as a chair! Also for now, this is more practical than getting an assistant to help carry my things. Haha :)

Blackberry Bold 9900

I have been a crackberry since 2007 and I haven't turned back since. Blackberry is essential to my life, from emails, messaging and data. So when news came out of this Blackberry Bold, I knew I had to have it. But, my current Blackberry bold is still in perfect condition and even though I want this new Bold badly, I still can't justify spending on cellphones. Hehe this is on my list for Santa haha :)

Tory Burch Eddie Crystal Bow Ballet Flats

Pretty yes? YES. Even prettier when you try them on for yourself. Which I did, and am now thinking that I shouldn't have. I thought I wasn't gonna fall in love with this pair with me harmlessly reaching out for it and trying it on (just because it was my size). But no. It's soft leather and crystal bow glitz and oh so comfortable sole had me captured. Now I AM HAUNTED. And when I get haunted, I HAVE TO HAVE IT. Thus I promised myself, I will only buy it after all my Christmas shopping. But if anyone decides to play Secret Santa, do note that I am a size 6 for this shoe. Haha :)

Wicked The Musical in SG

Above everything that I want this Christmas TO WATCH WICKED THE MUSICAL IN SG tops my list. The story is so dear to me and I really want to watch this musical. For friends who have seen it in other parts of the world, they say that it is one of their favorite musicals. I love musicals, even though I have only seen a few in my life. I must come out to see the confused green skinned Elphaba and Best friend Glinda. I want to cry my eyes out and sing to all the songs. Wicked will be running in SG till February, and I do hope I get to catch a show. WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED (The Secret, saying it over and over will get me there haha).

So those are the things that are on my Christmas wish list. I really hope that I can come around and get some myself or get some as gifts. Haha Anyway, Tis the season to give and to receive. But above all, Tis the season to share love and happiness. :)

Share the joy my friends! :)

Toodles! :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My favorite neutral crease colors

Hi all, a blessed Sunday to everyone and to the girlies from Manila; A cozy snuggle-fest weather to you. :) I recently discovered my addiction to neutral colored crease eye shadow. The crease color can depend on what type of makeup look you are going for, but for me the safest way to go are neutral colors, my favorite are the mid tone brown shades.

Here are my favorite crease color shades:
From top to bottom:
Soba, Cork, Wedge

Soba, Cork, Wedge

From left to right:
Seedling, Moleskin, Outre

Swatch from left to right:
Seedling, Moleskin, Outre

These are my most favorite crease colors from MAC. The reason why I have a lot of crease color favorites is because, not all shadows colors go well or actually even register color on everyone. So having a number of choices is good. :)

What are your favorite crease colors? :)

Toodles! :)

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