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Sunday, December 4, 2011

My favorite neutral crease colors

Hi all, a blessed Sunday to everyone and to the girlies from Manila; A cozy snuggle-fest weather to you. :) I recently discovered my addiction to neutral colored crease eye shadow. The crease color can depend on what type of makeup look you are going for, but for me the safest way to go are neutral colors, my favorite are the mid tone brown shades.

Here are my favorite crease color shades:
From top to bottom:
Soba, Cork, Wedge

Soba, Cork, Wedge

From left to right:
Seedling, Moleskin, Outre

Swatch from left to right:
Seedling, Moleskin, Outre

These are my most favorite crease colors from MAC. The reason why I have a lot of crease color favorites is because, not all shadows colors go well or actually even register color on everyone. So having a number of choices is good. :)

What are your favorite crease colors? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. sable is a lovely color pala. i find wedge ashy though. how do you find soba btw? ;)

  2. CARL! I made a mistake yung Sable is Soba pala haha Sable is parang maroonish na katabi ng Soba in my palette haha I made the changes na. :)

  3. wow! mauubos mo na! I can't talaga! hahahah up until this moment, may konting pan lang nakikita but not as big!

  4. Obvious na favorite diba? hahahah

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