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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NARS Workshop with Marc Christopher Gale

Got the Privilege to attend a NARS workshop spearheaded by Marc Christopher Gale today at Origins Rustans Makati. Marc Christopher Gale is one of the International Make Up Artists for NARS. He has over 14 years of experience as a Make Up Artist and is a favorite for Hollywood Stars like Paris Hilton, Minnie Driver and Justin Timberlake to name a few.

Marc is only here for a few days doing PR and promotion for NARSkin, their new skin care collections and also to conduct a few workshops for skin care and of course their makeup. I attended this afternoon's workshop with Maui and 2 other ladies, just the 4 of us so very intimate with Marc. He is amazing! We did a step by step starting from scratch.

Here's a pic of me and Marc after the workshop:

He is actually very tall, but the sweet guy that he is bent down to my height haha
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The following products were used on my face:

1. Make Up Cleansing Oil
2. Balancing Toning Lotion
3. Aqua Gel Hydrator
4. Nourishing Eye Cream
5. Brightening Serum

For more information on NARSkin products used click here courtesy of BEC from My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks' blogsite. :)

Make Up

1. Sheer Matte foundation in Barcelona
2. DUO Concealer in Praline and Toffee
3. Loose Powder in Beach
4. Multiple Purpose Stick in Copacabana
5. Bronzing Powder in Casino
6. Blush in Desire
7. Highlighter in Albatross
8. E/S in All about Eve
9. E/S DUO in Rated R
10. Eyeliner ...Stylo in Nuits Blanches
11. Eye Brow Pencil in Ipanema
12. Larger than life lengthening Mascara
13. Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella
14. Lip Satin Color in Rage

I had soo much fun, I wanted to go home with all the products that I used and soo much more! But that is just wishful thinking. Me and Maui both went home with the Bronzing powder in Casino each. hehe I shall save for more NARS it is LOVE. and Marc is just Amazing!!! I feel so honored to attend a workshop held by him! :)

Just an update too, you may have already read from Maui's blog, we're both postponing our make up classes to January. I just really want RB to teach the whole 7 weeks of class since that's what I paid for also to begin with. I'm glad the school agreed. So yeyyy 2 more months of waiting doesn't seem so bad :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Thats so cool, sounds like a wonderful day!

    Emma :)

  2. Thanks for signing me up for it as well! Marc was so nice haha and patient lol

  3. @Emma super fun day, ergo the big smile on my face hahaha

    @Maui anytime, you know me I need a support group. even though we are bad influences on each other hahahaha

  4. you're right, 2months will pass by pretty quickly! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop

  5. @Mona it was reallly fun! :)

    @Nikki yeah lalo na chirstmas season so yeyyy fun fun fun

  6. Which brand is your absolute favorite.

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