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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beauty Shoot Pictures

Hi Guys, remember my post about my first Studio Shoot about 2 weeks ago?

Just to give a recap, I was MUA for my first Studio Shoot 2 weeks ago to my wonderful Photgrapher friend Anna Manlapas. This shoot was for our portfolio collaboration. There were 3 layouts; The ponds Girl Layout, The Flapper Hollywood Layout and the Fantasy Avante Garde Layout.

Anna has given me 1 of each layout again. And they are great!!

Pond's Girl Layout

Flapper Hollywood Layout

Fantasy Avante Garde Layout

I really can't wait to get all pictures! So far the ones that I have shared with you are the only ones I've seen! I can't wait to see all of them I am so anxious!!! lol :)

What do you guys think? Isn't Meg the model beautiful? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Love love love the third one Great job! And that headband thing sa flapper reminded me of the one you were supposed to wear for halloween! hahaha

  2. @Maui Actually that was my peg for choosing a flapper band hahaha

  3. I like everything pero pinaka-fave ko si avant garde look! :) Have you seen yung mga MAC desktop images? parang ganun yung feel niya! hehe :)

  4. @JajaG Aba syempre yun ang inspiration hehehe :) Next time ikaw na :)

  5. issit exp to do such beauty shoots? its so amazingly pretty! i wuld luv to do a few to capture my youth hehe to remind my SO how pretty i look lol

    xoxo elle

  6. @Elle Oh that I wouldn't know, This was talen in a pro ad studio so it may be a little costly. Hehe Don't we all wish we were models to have pretty pictures always :)

  7. nice pics sis! i'm happy for you :)

  8. The last one is my fave! Great job!

  9. I love all the photos! :) Good job, Caby :)

  10. @Nikki Thank you! :)

    @Nina Thank you a lot of people seem to be liking he last one best :)

    @Teeyah Thank you sweetie :)

  11. Gorgeous! Your makeup skills made them so flawless and the photography is great! I really like the Pond's one. =]

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