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Sunday, November 15, 2009

NARS Blush Duo in Albatross and Sin

After our class yesterday, me and Maui went around glorietta to check on a few more Make Up items that we still were lacking. We practically went around all the make up stores and somehow couldn't realy find what we were looking for. When we passed by the NARS stall, I swatched NICO highlighter blush and fell in love! But I had to remind myself IT IS NOT PART OF THE LIST I NEED FOR SCHOOL. So we left and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Until Maui left to go home and I was left alone waiting for my college friends.

So what happened? I went back to the Nars stall to have a "second look". Hahaha Robbie the SA in glorietta was super friendly and help full. He recommended me the NARS blush in SIN first and applied on my cheeks. By then I was convinced of getting the SIN over NICO. But I just couldn't get over NICO still coz it was soo beautiful. The Robbie tells me that there is a DUO blush in SIN and ALBATROSS, a sort of close highlighting shade from NICO. So he showed me, applied it just above my cheekbone, brow bone and above my eye brows. And the duo was just stunning. So yes I ended up getting it. :) Robbie also included some samples of foundations so he made me very happy :)

Here it is:

Albatross and Sin

Swatch on fingers
Left: Albatross Right: Sin

Both the sin and albatross are very pigmented and both are perfect together. Price is a little steep though at PHP1950 although it is definitely worth it and cost efficient for getting the duo as oppose to single blush purchase priced at PHP1350.

Here's me using Sin and Albatross at only one side of my face hehe

What I used for the rest of my face:
MAX FACTOR loose translucent powder
NYX Thalia lipstick
Ardell Brow filler

As of the moment my 30pc brush set is drying from the bath I gave them this morning, I really hope to try and test them sooon!!! Can't wait hehe :)

Happy Sunday Everyone, be happy Pacquiao just made himself Millions of dollars richer, let's hope and pray that he decides to donate the money to pay the debts of the Philippines hahaha!

Toodles! :)


  1. Wow your skin looks flawlessly gorgeous with this duo!! I think it was a very smart buy XD (I love justifying these things, don't you?)

  2. @Lisa Kate Thanks :) I always justify my purchases hehe but most of the time I over justify hahaha

  3. The nars blush looks interesting. Very pretty, Caby :)

  4. @CHARRY According to Robbie its an unsung hero blush. Always in the shadow of orgasm hehe but very very nice :)

  5. nice naman nyan parang i want one tuloy :)

  6. the blush duo is quite pricey but you look great on it! So worth it :)

  7. Oh wow! You are glowing and very pretty, Caby :)

  8. @Crystal Super nice nya, get na :)

    @Nikki Hard to resist, madali lang dn ako ma sales talk hehe

    @teeyah thanks girl :)

  9. oohh blush really looks good! :) and haha yeah you just really waited for m to go home before buying it lol

  10. @Maui haha I told you I dont trust myself alone hahaha

  11. Oooh this looks so gorgeous on you!!! Love the colours!!!!

  12. Love it! I want one now!

  13. I like the highlighter!! Heehee

  14. @CHEECHUN Super nice, get one :)

    @~Lisa yeap th highlighter alone is really saleable :)

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