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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MAC Frost Eye Shadow in PHLOOF!

I read on a couple of blogs and forums about some people's HG highlighters. There were 3 popular MAC eye shadows that kept on appearing on peoples lists. These shades were Ricepaper, Nylon and PHLOOF!, other colors like Shroom and Vanilla only came secondary. Lucky that I was, I stumbled upon PHLOOF! on ebay at a cheaper price and purchased it right away. Here it is:

MAC Frost eye shadow in PHLOOF!

Taken without flash with source of direct sunlight

Swatch on my finger without flash
Swatch on my hand

MAC PHLOOF! can be best used as a highlighter on your browbones, lower lashline and inner corners of your lids to really open and brighten those eyes.

PHLOOF! used on brow bone only (bare lids, no other eyeshadow,concealer or base)

Without Flash
With Flash

After this, I guess I will jump on the bandwagon and add PHLOOF! as one of my HG highlighters. It serves its purpose and I especially love how the shimer is subtle but when used as a highlighter really intensifies and brightens your eyes even more. :)

I see it, Phloof! will be a favorite of mine this week hehe. What are your HG/Favorite highlighters?

Blessed Sunday Girls :)

Toodles! :)


  1. great color!! i've been wanting that for a while a while now.

    my hg highlighter used to be vanilla but now its revlon's matte e/s in vintage lace. i posted a review on it on my blog =)


  2. @Mimi I actually stumbled upon it by accident. I was using vanilla prior to my Phloof! purchase. The revlon Vintage lace looks nice too! :)

  3. For me it's ricepaper cuz on my nC30 skintone, it's very subtle but still noticeable. Great review btw.

  4. @aly ricepaper is next on my list :)

    @Maui I think im on a highlighter binge hahaha

  5. I really like ricepaper. It gives a really soft finish, slightly shimmery, very slightly. And the texture is as smooth as butter. I think that's the reason i like it so much.

    Phloof! looks really great! I think if I ever buy it, it would be perfect for the inner corner of the eyes, cuz i think it;s a bit too shimmery to highlight the brow bone.

  6. @zuuchini I'll really try to get my hands on ricepaper now hehe :)

  7. nice find! I like Revlon Vintage Lace for HG highlighter

  8. wow this looks amazing on you gurl! gota have this =) and shroom!

  9. @Becks wow, that revlon in Vintage lace must be really nice then, you're the second to comment that as your HG highlighter :)

    @Shifa Thank you, Shroom is nice too! :)

  10. very nice color! i still don't own any MAC eyeshadow..

  11. @Khymm they have the best eye shadows :)

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