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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Virgin Hair No More!

Hi girls, today I woke up early to go with my mom to her hairstylist. I am not a hair person really. I own 1 brush and I hardly use it. My hair is easily fixable so I am a no maintenance girl. I get my hair cut ONCE a year if I feel like it, but otherwise I don't hehe.

So today was a big step for me, I decided to have my hair colored FOR THE FIRST TIME! Yes I have virgin hair when it comes to hair dye. My hair is straight as ever. There was this one time I wanted to curl my hair so I did. But after 3 and a half hours of medicine in my hair, it was still straight super straight. My hair is frustrating, i can't even curl it with an iron and make it last at least 1 hour.

But anyway I decided to try out my mom's hairstylist.

By the way my hair is naturally jet black under normal lighting, and super duper dark brown under sunlight, here's a link to my last photo with my jet black hair. :)

And now here is me:

NOT! Haha I wish this was me, this is just the inspiration hair color that I wanted. Plus she's hot and her make up is great so I wanted it too. Haha

But here's the real me after the color.

Carter the hairstylist is so great with my hair, first he shampooed my hair, blow dried then cut it. After cutting he applied the color (take note he mixed 3 different colors to try and achieve the closest brown to the inspiration L'Oreal products only of course!) after about 1 and a half hours, rinsed my hair, blow dried and cut again. He is amazing!!

So for a first timer in hair color, I am super happy with the outcome. It's not too loud and unnatural, the exact thing that feared me in getting my hair colored before. It's kind of a challenge since I have morena skin. You really have to pick best what suits your skin color.

And I'm glad I had my hair done at carters because he's not out there to get money from you, he'll suggest what really needs to be done. :)

If you girls are wondering where Carter's salon is, his Salon is in San Pedro Laguna. Hehe Far from Paranaque I know but my mom goes all the way there for a reason. And I now share that reason with her. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. It looks great! You went all the way to Laguna? That stylist must be really good! :)

  2. @Nina Yeap my mom's stylist, looks like i'll be going back there too hehe :)

  3. It looks nice! Very natural and silky. ♥

  4. Love the new hair color!!!!!!!! :) You're right, virgin hair no more but its worth it!

  5. ang ganda!! mine is an utter failure but your is absolutely great!!

  6. wow nice hair !u look pretty urself as well!!hehe

  7. @MilknCookiie Thanks :)

    @Nikki Thanks girl yes it was worth it :)

    @Donnarence I just replied to your post just now hehe try mo mag L'Oreal Prof next time im sure that time it will work na :)

    @Vanilla Thanks so much :)

  8. Love your new hair color!

    I'm a hair color virin as well (actually, hair treatment virgin--I haven't even tried a hot oil), but I want to have my hair colored sometime, as soon as I muster enough courage.

  9. @Dea Oh if you have nice hair i guess it would be fine not to. But yeah you're gonna want to do it one day :)

  10. wow! great hair and you look awesome :D

    i should try getting my hair colored (yeah, virgin) too. my hair's brown under lighting... i want it brown in the dark as well :D hahaha.

  11. @gelipet Thanks sweetie, Haha i know what you mean, before id like exposing myself under the sunlight so my hair would look lighter hahaha

  12. Yeee! :) atleast this one worked on you (failed curling and many attempts to curl your hair heheh)! Love it! Now, eyebrows next haha :) pretty!

  13. @Maui of all people who know how stubborn my hair is it's you. Thank you for taking time to curl it sometimes even if you know that it won't last haha

  14. Wow your hair is sooo beautiful- and shiny and healthy! Love the colour- you look amazing :)

  15. you look great! I have similar hair routines. I don't get it cut that often, and it's pretty flexible. I'm also a hair color virgin! I don't have any desire to dye it though. Anyhow, your hair cut and color looks so nice!

  16. @Sarah Thanks so much :)

    @Stephanie I never wanted anything done with my hair, but I dunno i just felt like doing it so i did hehe :)

  17. Wow! I love your hair colour! I am a hair virgin too! >.< And my hair is super straight too. For graduation, I tried to curl my hair but after a few moments it just ended up being wavy.. and I cute my hair once a year if I'm lucky too! *high five* Good thing I don't get split ends easily. =D

  18. lolol don't worry girl, just a whole of brow wax/powder and they're yours! lol well that's what i have to do anyways!! your shape is gorgeous though! you don't need to do anything to them! ugh so lucky!! lol
    love the hair! i was thinking of going lighter too..but i think i'm to scared to actually do it (eventhough it's so natural)! i never ever dye my hair, i don't even know how i had the courage to put the blonde i have in my hair now..i think i blacked out when it was being done! yikes.. lol xo!

  19. Your hair looks beautiful!

  20. @~Lisa Thanks girl I know what you mean about trying to curl your hair. Never works for me too hehehe

    @Crystal But your brows are perfecteven though you have to put wax and powder! I love them I can never get mine to look like that hahaha :)

    @Crystal S. Thank you Sweetie :)

  21. very pretty! I love your new haircolor :)

  22. it looks great on you! in my opinion the brown hair suits you better, gives a softer look (black tends to look very harsh on some people)... yun nga lang, it's gonna be a pain to maintain when the roots come out of hiding...

  23. @Janelle Yeap brown does soften my face a little :) Exactly need to budget na for my frequent re-visits to my stylist haha

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