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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween pictures

So as promised, here are the images taken from our halloween celebration. :)

Vain pics of me trying to mimic the hollywood regal poses. lol

Okay by this time I was tipsy from all the wine hahaha

And like what I mentioned in my previous post, my red feathered boa was shedding everywhere I went. LITERALLY!

Hahahaha so embarassing!

It was suuuchhh a fun fun fuun night!! :) How about you guys? How was your halloween spent? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. glad you had fun and you look beautiful!! great costume!!! LOL about the red feathers shedding!!! eheheheh *Hugs* halloween was okay - just took the kids out really quick. it rained - so didn't get to go for too long.

  2. @Calia Yang Thanks sweetie, yes the red feathers was just everywhere it was embarassing but really i didnt care too much fun. :) Were the kids able to go trick or treating? :)

  3. you look gorgeous!!! Suits you, from the feathers, the makeup the hair, everything :D

  4. @Sherry Thanks sweetie :)

    @Nikki Thanks super last minute na yan, couldn't find my original props since nag brown out! Buti nalang I i grabbed the boa before heading out haha

  5. Ummm, you mean MY red feather boa! HAHAHA!

  6. You are gorgeous! Really, very regal, Caby! :) My favorite is the second photo. Makeup is flawless, very Hollywood. :) Good job!

  7. @Anna well I wouldn;t consider it a boa anymore. It's scarce.

    @Teeyah Thanks sweetie, Im going to have to thank my new HG Foundation Cinema Secrets for that :) hehe

  8. you look fab Caby, very elegant! And you had so much fun on halloween, unlike me! LOL. And the boa feather shedding is funny, but your cute nonetheless! =D

  9. @The NeuroChiq Thanks sweetie, yes my shedding red feathered booa was the highlight of the night. Sad to say it took the start of the night award off everyone else. hahahahaha

  10. you look gorgeous.I want your crown and your boa. =)

  11. @ChinkyGirlMel Thanks the crown is Maui's it was part of her costume and the Boa is borrowed from my sister hehe

  12. You look gorgeous! I love the second picture!!

    LOL, you're shedding yourself! XD I'm sure people can find you by following the red feather trail =P

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