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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look at what's happening.

Disclaimer: These pictures are disturbing

I saw this link off someone from twitter. To those who don't know, 2 days back, more than 50 people were murdered in one day in Mindanao. The cause of this was due to political wars. This is the reality, people can get really dirty to the point where they can think of life as that convenient, and take someones life away. I am horrified at this kind of selfishness and greed. No one gets to decide when you should end your life and how you should end your life aside from God. What's worse is civilians were victims of this unforgiving crime. This saddens me. Politics is so dirty it makes me sick.

Here's a link to the gruesome pictures of the dead victims bodies being recovered. I know this may be offensive to others but this the reality, people please please please know your choices and not vote in to power people who think they can just take away other peoples lives so easily.


No matter what triumphs our country achieves in many different ways may it be big or small, one bad impression can take that pride away. We must be strong and do the best of what we can do. Please vote wisely.


  1. This incident really sickens me to the core. I can't believe that at this day and age such barbarity still exists in our society. I do hope that justice will be served. I wish the same horrible death to the private army that was hired and the one who hired them.

  2. Monsters! This is too much for my heart. I cant imagine how these people sleep at night. :( I still cant over it :(

  3. @Nina My thoughts exactly

    @Maui I know its horrible

  4. awww damn... that was awful... i checked the pics...

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