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Monday, November 30, 2009

Is Lulur Bar the answer? :)

Happy Monday girls, I apologize for the absence the past couple of days. I just couldn't find the strength to write about so much beauty amidst the horror massacre in Maguindanao province. It just seems unreal up to now that people like that exist. Greedy, selfish. Ugh i just don't want to get in to that again. I'm just really affected by this. But anyway today I am back to regular programming after a good weekend of lounging in Pililla Rizal.

I will be honest, I have bad skin. My face is super oily, I break out a lot, I have large pores, uneven skin tone and yes, I wish my face surface was smooth. I have tried countless products that promised to cure the kind of problem I had with my face. Some worked and others didn't, and for the ones that did work, they were either too expensive or needed me to use at least 5 different products on my face day and night plus oral medication. It was expensive and too much hassle at the same time.

I admit, for a person who is in advertising, I am a sucker for ads. Haha I know I am gullible to my own craft even though I know MOST of the info being given is fabricated. I feel embarassed but yes, all aspects of advertising sell to me. So whenever there is a new product I tend to be curious about it and try it in the hopes that I see reslts of what had been promised, and that hardly happens. So as usual, here I am trying something new, Lulur Bar:

What it is:

120 Grams

What is it (Taken from Venus and Mars Website):

The Javanese Lulur is considered to be the queen of treatments and has been practiced in the palaces of Central Java since the 17th century. There, the pursuit of beauty has long been a daily ritual and the Javanese Lulur an integral step, leaving skin soft, supple and shining.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually use this in our everyday bath?

Ingredients: emu oil, tea tree essential oil, turmeric, tea tree leaves, shea butter, arbutin, calamansi, papain, olive oil and coconut oil, mango

What is so unique about VNM's LULUR?
It is designed to leave the skin clear from impurities by means of its turmeric content mixed with emu oil and tea tree and whiten the appearance through its powerful combination of arbutin, calamansi and papain. Moisturize and pamper the skin with the rest of the ingredients and you'll sure find a noticeable and renewed skin!

What can we actually achieve with Java turmeric spice?

1. It reduces pigmentation.
Turmeric can help even out skin tone. Just leave this on for fifteen minutes everyday.

2. It makes the skin supple.
It leaves skin smooth, polished and supple. Of course, single application will not make the difference, you have to use it regularly and you'll be surprised to see how much your skin has changed for the better. Imagine the mix of turmeric with shea butter, mango and emu oil! These are super heroes when it comes to moisturizing and taming even the toughest and roughest of skins! Trust me in this. :)

3. It inhibits cell damage.
Turmeric is an excellent anti-oxidant, hence, it stabilizes free radicals that are known to cause damage to cells that eventually leads to aging and various diseases.

4. It reduces hair growth.
Turmeric is believed to reduce hair growth by softening even our hair strands! Some doctors even recommend using it for unwanted hair.

5. It helps heal acne.
Many people love turmeric because of its acne-healing property. Just imagine turmeric with emu oil and tea tree! What a powerful combo that is!

6. It is an excellent skin beautifier.
With this version??? What more is left to say?

It sounds really inviting eh? That is all me, acne problems, facial hair, skin discoloration, its like this soap was created for the me out there. Haha So I got one and I can't wait to try it!!

Just a tip for everyone, whenever I have organic soap, what I do so that I can maximize the bar is to cut them into mini bars. This way you get to store in a dry place the ones not in use. I really hate it when the whole bar gets soaked and them so soft submerged in water or any moist environment and you end up wasting the bar. After using the mini bar, also store this in a dry dish far from water or contact with any other soap. :)

Lookie! I was able to cut them into 10 mini bars! :)

I'm feeling optimistic about it. Do you think Lulur Bar is the answer? I do hope so :)

Toodles! :)


  1. I have been using an organic bar called kiss my face with similar ingredients. It works wonders at first but then causes me to break out again. My skin is like what you described yours as, I tried taking vitamin A capsules that has been the best product out of everything for my face! You can read about it in the health label on my blog!

  2. wow, we have the same skin type! let me know if this works for you...

    btw, great tip with dividing soaps!

  3. I already used up my small Lulur bar but I can't say if it works because I haven't used it long enough. I used it on my back to help with the breakout I had. I'll try to do a proper review on the African Black Soap when I have used it extensively. :)

  4. @Brittany I hope I don't break out with this one, Ill have to test this for at least 3 weeks continuous use. Ill look into the Vitamin A capsule :)

    @Janelle Will do :)

  5. @Nina I also want the african black soap too!! haha

  6. update us about it :D

    so cool... mini bars, great tip! :D

    Good luck~! :D

  7. @geli-pet Oh I will, i just washed my face with it just now, it really stings, i left it on for like 3 mins. I read though that its supposed to sting. I wont leave it for that long next time. We'll put this test for at least 3 weeks or till I see results whichever is earlier :)

  8. wow u make me want this !unwanted hair,acne and skin discoloration??where di d u get this from?hehehe

  9. You might want to put the bar on top of a sponge after every use. :)

    Re acne, I've found my savior. :) It's the acne lotion and acne cream from The Skin Specialist by Dr. Jean Marquez in Timog Ave. :)

  10. @Sheyz Thanks will try that. :) sounds inviting that acne cream, although timog is so far from me :(

  11. i've been curious about this for my back actually :P

  12. @Crystal I think this will work for your back. It stings on the face but if you have high tolerance of pain then this should be okay. But so far its been ookay still too early to see changes :)

  13. Omg this sounds like a wonder treatment! Lemme know how this goes, this is like the best post I've seen in a while :)

    Oh and btw, I'm having a competition for Beauty/Fashion bloggers. I'm givin away MAC/NARS/BOBBI BROWN goodies for the Winner so come join in & let others know to double your chance.



  14. I use & sell V&M products, Caby. Lulur bar is really effective for my super oily skin. But now, I'm trying the African Black Soap and my acne is slowly clearing up. Yey!=)

    PS: I also cut them into mini bars & I tell my customers to do that too, very economical, eh? =)

  15. @The NeuroChiq YEs soo far okay naman ung lulur bar for me. Ive been wanting the african black soap too! Maybe after the lulur bar :)

  16. have you tried cyleina tomato soap?i think its the best organic soap in the local market,it cleared my pimples and gave my skin a rosy tinge.i think its the lycopene working

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