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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunny EOTD :)

I have been in bed the whole day reading, so to break the silence I decided to play around with my eye shadow palette from Turkey. Also, my mom had interrupted me when she came in my room and asked how the NARS foundation I gave her looked on her, and well the rest is history, she put on make up, washed her brushes and left them next to my drying brushes to dry themselves. hehe And you guys know how infectious make up gets right? hehe

Anyway here's my look using the Flormar Palette from Turkey:

Don't mind the uneven eye liner and the ungroomed brows hehe

Quick shot of me

Here's the FLormar Palette from Turkey that I used:Gold: Browbone
Orange: Inner lid
Purple: Crease
Teal Blue: Outer Crease
Green: Outer Lid

The swatches looked great on my fingers however they didn't serve justice on my lids. It looks a lot better in person, the camera flash washed a little out of the color but it's still not as bright as how the swatches were on my fingers. Maybe this needed a better base say the NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk (but i'd have to own one to find out haha). I used MAC fluidline in frostlite, which obviously was a bad idea. hehe I'll try recreating this look with a better base next time. But as for now, I'll get back to my book! :)

Have a great weekend girls! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. I know what you mean about not doing justice on photos! they do tend to wash out on camera flash no? But I get your point, base on the swatches alone, they are super pigmented

  2. The colours on the palette are all lovely. I am digging the green, gold, and purple. :P

  3. @Nikki I just wish that when I use a better base next time the colors pop out like the swatches :)

    @Pammy Theyre all nice on bright on the swatches :)

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