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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Singapore goodies: Ardell Brow Defining Powder and Sasa Eye brow brush

My sister arrived from Singapore this morning and she brought home for me the best type of pasalubong ever; Cosmetics! haha

She got me Ardell's Brow Defining powder in Mink Brown and 1 Sasa Angled Eye Brow Brush. I originally wanted to try the ELF Brow set since the ones here at the mall are too light for me, but they also didn't have the color I wanted in Singapore so she got me Ardell Instead. My sister also got me the Sasa angled eye brow brush since she has one for herself and I tried it before it's quality was superb!

Ardell Brow Defining Shadow with Sasa Angled eye brow brush #E06

Swatch on my hand

Overall I am satisfied on how the Ardell looks on my brows. Naturally I have thick brows that need no coloring whatsoever. But there are time they look scarce to me and I just have to fill them up, and to lighten my face a little, I chose Dark brown to color my brows with since sometime the natural black brows I have look too over powering.

The Ardell powder came with a brush, but clumsy me I left it in the car probably haha. But I'm happy to use the Ardell with the Sasa Brush. :)

So here's to my first brow set. :) I really want the Mac Brow set next, I have to in my Order Mac List. So I do hope to get that soon! :)

How about for everyone else? What are your brow regimens? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Hmm, I am using MAC e/s in Coquette for my eyebrows, on other days, I use the Paul & Joe brow pencil no. 2 for my brows :) I've seen the Ardell around , it fills in your brows pretty well :)

  2. @Nikki I really don't spend time on my brows usually but recently I've felt they are just all over the place. Thanks, the Ardell seems to be working for me right now so matagal pa cguro before i explore ulit haha

  3. looks good on you! very natural.. sayang walang ardell dito.. i also heard good reviews sa falsies nila =)

  4. @Khymm Thanks girl, There's Ardell here at SM Makati, I saw a revolving stand with the Ardell Lashes, I don;t remember if they have the brow defining powder but they may. Yun nga lang medyo mahal their lashes. Na over price na ata :)

  5. i love sasa! haha. it's small in singapore compared to hk though. as for my brow essentials, i use elf brow kit in medium or urban decay brow box, and sometimes i use a brow mascara too like elf brow treat and tame or lunasol brow styling mascara.

  6. @Crystal Oh yeah, Sasa in Hong Kong is crazy, I could stay there the whole day. :) I really want to try the ELF brow kits hope I find one in my color :)

  7. Ooh! I saw the Ardell powder in Canada too!! And the ELF brow powder, I heard that it's supposed to be a lighter shade from someone on YouTube or Blogger.

    And isn't the MAC Brow Set discontinued? Or is it still available in the Philippines.

  8. @~Lisa Oh it's still available, its in the site still :)

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