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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lovelies Please Vote!

Hi girls, remember my previous post about a short film shoot made by my best friend Ivan? Also the post Maui made on these short films too? :)

Well guess what? :) The shorts have been uploaded and I need everyone's support in voting for these videos. :)

Here's the first video

Title: 3PM
Starring: Sheena Ramos, Pierre Montenegro, Martin Villaflor
Director: Ivan Andrew Payawal
MUA & Stylist: Maui Manalo and Meg Michelena
Song: Time Passes By
Performed by: ZeroGlitch

Here's the second Video

Title: "Bisita"
Starring: Shey Collado, Andrew Payawal, Adrian Pagdanganan
Director: Ivan Andrew Payawal
MUA & Stylist: Carla Avancena, Maui Manalo, Meg Michelena, Adrian Pagdanganan
Song: That smile before
Composed and Sung by: Chris Masami

You guys can log on to www.180cinema.net to vote for these videos. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed watching! :)


  1. Nice videos! I did a double take when I watched 3 PM, Pierre Montenegro was my batchmate back in HS! Haha, interesting. :)

  2. @Nina Thanks for watching :) I'm guessing you went to CSA hehe :)

  3. Ohmygoodness! I love both videos.
    3pm was a fave until i properly got into Bisita.
    I couldn't understand much of it but when I did I was almost choked up with tears. it's very similar to a situation in my own life.

    My vote goes to Bisita. Lovely music too, good timing.

  4. @su-pah Awwwww glad you liked it and thank you so much for watching both. Bisita does get you, the script of it will get you by the end :)

  5. Hi Caby, my vote goes to Bisita, nice concept. =) These videos left me nostalgic on my college days! I'm voting now hun, for you & Maui =)

  6. @The NeuroChiq Thank you for voting!!! :) Thanks so so much, were you in commarts or mascom too? Sarap bumalik ng college no? :)

  7. Hi Caby, yep, MassCom grad too [hello, fellow!] Did some events & PR works before. YES, I want to find a time capsule to bring me back to college! =D

    Happy Friday!

    PS: I didn't get confirmation for voting in my email =(

  8. @The NeuroChiq Waaah yayyy fellow commarts student. Isn't make up and commarts such a wonderful combination? hehehe :)

    Oh I don;t think you get an email confirmation for voting hehe Wala rin ako eh. But thanks sooo much :)

  9. hi caby,is ur songs downloadable somewhere?i so so like it :)

    salcedo.jbq@gmail.com...that's my email,pls contact me...ty

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