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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Product Spotlight: 32 Lip Palette (compact)

Hi Girls, the start of my week has been a busy one. Yesterday was spent running errands in the morning and then off to the commercial shoot by lunchtime. Got home at 12 midnight from the shoot and was just drop dead tired. This morning, I met up with my friend Meryll (who by the way I have also influenced in the whole make up world, I hope she starts blogging soon!) then I had an Interview for a company that called me yesterday. It was a good interview and I have a final interview on Thursday. I really have to think long and hard about this job since it's a very good offer. But thus meaning less time for my make-up interests, my business and nearing travel plans. Sigh I hope everything goes well :)

Anyway, since I've been pretty busy, I've decided to jump start this post with a review on the 32 Lip Palette (compact version).

Here it is:
I put name stickers on all my palettes and brushes hehe :)
Measures: 6 inches x 4 inches
Ingredients: Microcrystalline wax, microcrystal wax, beeswax, resin acid and rosin acids (c3H803 W99), brughtener, wool oil, Isooctyl Palmitate (C15H31C00C8H17), white minersl oil, Fatty acid methylesters (R-C00CH3), 2-propenyl ethanocate (C5H602), Color paste, pearlessence pearl powder.

With Flash
Without Flash
Each lip pan is about the size of a 10 centavo coin

Here are swatches of all 32 lip colors per row

First Row

Without Flash

With Flash

Second Row

Without Flash
With Flash

Third Row

Without FlashWith Flash

Fourth Row

Without FashWith Flash

I applied the swatches using 1 lip brush, sanitizing and wiping off each color before swatching the next color. Overall, this palette surprised me. I originally wanted the bigger palette since it looked more worth it. But after swatching, all of the colors and looking at how they pay off. I am impressed and happy at my purchase.

All of the colors are very pigmented as shown in the swatches. Each color was swatched softly with the lightest hand. A little goes a long way. I just wished there were more colors variations. There are too many similar colors.

Although I didn't attempt swatching them on my lips because I knew that they wouldn suit me. The colors on this palette would best suit girls with lighter skin tone. At least this handy palette would do its work for school! :)

I just need to store my palette in the fridge for a night since some of the colors are softer than the others. like this one below:

Compare the soft swatch on the other pans to the the one in the middle. :( Hope it doesn't happen again. I guess this palette sleeps in the fridge tonight. :)

Anyway I am happy with this palette, the pinks are my favorites and I can't wait to use this for school. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. I love all the colors :) thanks for sharing the swatfches

  2. @Nikki no problem, Nice nga the colors I wish they all suit me haha

  3. @Jessy it has good pay off. :)

  4. @Khymm surprisingly very nice :)

  5. I'd love to see you wear them, Caby =)

  6. Beautiful! They're so pigmented! ^-^

  7. @The NeuroChiq oh haha maybe next time hehe :)

    @~Lisa yes theyre very pigmented :)

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