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Friday, November 27, 2009

That Smile Before - Music Video Shoot

Yesterday was spent supporting a friend Chris Masami on his first music video shoot. It was so
fun. Initially, me and Meg were supposed to be supporters haha but luckily as Chris was rushing me in the morning, I didn't get to finish my make up so I rushed bringing more make up than I should. In the end I did the talents make up. Haha fortunately unexpected haha.

The Video is for Chris' song "That Smile Before" this was the song used for the short film "Bisita" which was directed by my friend Ivan Payawal. You can see that video here. also gives you a teaser of the song :)

The video is Directed by the talented Kring Elenzano of Ideal minds. You may see most of her work at www.flippish.com. Lead talent was of course CHRIS MASAMI. Lady talent was Hannah Villasis of Flair Candy. :)

Here are a few behind the scenes Photos.

Workin it early in the morning:
Moi, The Director, Joza, Hannah and Chris

Let's begin shall we:
Ladies and Gentlemen meet Chris. Eat your heart out girls. He's available :)

I requested Chris to sing us a song during break time since Kring and Hannah have never heard him sing live. We all were literally just quiet and were in awe. Especially Direk Kring. After Chris sang "You and Me" Kring was speechless and then said;

"I am always on the go in my shoots, I never have time like this to sit and spare 5 minutes"

Because of Chris' singing, it allowed kring to relax a little even for just the 5 minutes hehe. Impressive.

Getting back to work, retouching Chris.
Okay back to take:
Me and Meggy
Me and Hannah of Flair Candy capturing the moment:
Chris doing his thing:
We had so much fun during the shoot and I know it will be really really nice. Krings treatment is beautiful. I can't describe in words, we all just have to wait for the video. I am sooooo excited to share it with everyone once it has been edited and I am very proud of Chris! More to come! :)

More pics from Hannah of Flair Candy, just waiting for her to blog about it hehe. :)

Thanks to Meg for the pics. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. yay! excited to see it! any idea when it will come out?

  2. @maui in about 2 weeks siguro :)

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