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Monday, October 19, 2009

Studio shoot teaser pic + Maui's giveaway

Hi lovelies, here's a teaser image of the shoot last Saturday. This is the first layout out of 3 layouts, this is the clean, no make up look.

Photographer: Anna Manlapas of Adphoto
Model: Meg Michelena
MUA: Yours truly :)
Styling: Mars Raposa
Hair: Collaborative effort of Anna, Me and Mars (none of us have hairstyling experience lol)

I super love this shot of Meg, she's so beautiful to begin with the make up just helped enhance her beautiful face. Me and Anna call this the Pond's girl layout. Doesn't she look like a ponds model? With the help of the pink accents of course. :) By the way this photo is raw and unedited.

Like what the title of this post says, It's a teaser pic only since this is the only photo that Anna has given me. She has tons to go through and edit but I'm in no rush. A photographer like her is a busy bee! So it's a teaser for everyone including me hehe.

On the other hand my girl Maui is having her first giveaway. Here's what's at stake!

Click on image to direct you to her contest page

Don't forget to drop by her page and join her contest! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Ponds na ponds! hehe great job guys! i super like it! :)

  2. @JajaG Thanks Jaja, next time ikaw naman :)

  3. Sooo pretty! I can't wait to see the rest, sweets! :)

  4. wow!
    you did a pretty good job!

  5. so soft and pretty! galing! :)

  6. @teeyah Thanks sweetie will post them once I get them :)

    @thiamere thank you so much! :)

    @mia Thanks Meg had great skin and is beautiful so I didnt have to do much :)

  7. yay! can't wait to see more photos, very very pretty!!!! congratulations!

  8. Awwwww! She looks so good! :)
    Congratulations to the team!

  9. @Nikki Thanks so much :)

    @Noelle She's very pretty, Thanks :)

  10. I really love it! Cant wait to see the rest esp. the 2nd? layout hahaha and thanks for posting my giveaway :)

  11. @Maui Yes Im so excited to see the rest of the pics! Waahhhh :)

  12. Wow! It looks great!! I thought that it was photoshopped!! Your MU skills are so good, girl!

  13. i stumbled on to your blog and i love it. the shoot looks awesome soo pretty. :) ill be back much more often!

  14. @abby thanks so much for dropping by :)

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