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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The week of crazy hauling!

Last week I swore I wouldn't buy new make up. But surprise surprise. The very next day I bought a lot of items and the rest of the week is history, items including:

5 NYX Lipsticks
2 ELF Blushes
2 Charcoal Goodies from Saizen
2 YSL Lippsticks
2 Shiseido Foundations
1 Suesh Flat Top Brush

Crazy. I am Crazy.

I try to justify my spending, I really do. Like this week has also been crazy running errands for The Poveda Fair this Sunday, Business with friends, My shoot tomorrow and My personal business. Purchasing Make up on the side is my breather! *wink*

I guess it doesn't help the spending when you have a mother who is as excited as I am to become a Make up artist. But because of that I have to be serious with this craft. And speaking of craft. I really have to go to bed, I have a shoot tomorrow morning at Adphoto (photo studio here in Manila). This will be for a collaborative Portfolio (including mine!). It will be an exciting day! :)

Will upload pictures of this weeks haul when I have spare time tomorrow during the shoot but till then adieu! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. well,it doesn't hurt to splurge out sometimes,right?

    i needed to go to saizen na tlg...ekkk!

  2. goodluck on the shoot! and like I said, whatever the budget was for december times 3! haha be prepared to go nuts! =)

  3. wow that's nice, I'm so excited on the pix ^_^

  4. Lol...the excitement and hyperness was all over the page. That's a huge haul.

  5. @Thiamere I guess it doesn't hurt but it seems like ive been doing it often like every other day! :(

    @Maui I'm going nuts right now thinking about it! Waahhh!!!

    @twinsouls88 Thanks sweetie :)

    @Lisa K. Hahaha i just had to let it out therefore sharing it on my blog Haha

  6. Aww, that's okay! We'll forgive you, LOL
    & Good luck at your shoot!

  7. you are too cute! well as long as its your hard earn money and the purchases make you happy, you know its worth it :)

  8. You're finally becoming a professional MUA! Good luck! If you have the time, please do post all your hauls. :)

  9. @~Lisa Haha Thanks :)

    @teeyah Thank you :)

    @Nikki Yes they make me superrr happy!! :)

    @Nina Awww thanks will post them as soon as i can :)

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