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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Train Case and Face Charts! :)

So yesterday was a long day, a shadowed with my mom to work but before that we went to quiapo to get some stuff. So while we were there, I nagged to go to the place where they sell train cases. And after a lot of haggling, here's my baby:

Maui was right, the fascination with the MAC Pro Palette ends when you get your train case.

So you see, I am in love. :) The train case is so beautiful. It's a trolley train case with wheels. The outside at first look i thought was print, but really its not, It's bumpy triangular, i really don't know how to describe it haha. The inside is love too! it has 4 trays on both sides and a big bottom compartment. It practically fits my stuff but leaves no room for more. This also doesn't fit my qtips, wipes and make up removers. So that'll have to go inside another bag. :) This is so perfect for the shoot I have this Saturday. Sooo exciting! Im soo excited I love the new train case. :)

So what's the damage? Originally the lady said it was PHP4500 (Approximately USD $90) but after a whole lot of haggling (thanks to my mom) I was able to get it at PHP3500 (around USD $70). So this is practically a steal! :)

It feels just like Christmas! A new toy haha I had to just go out with my train case, so where did I go? Of course over Maui's house and play with make up like the good ole days. Haha So I went over her house and we just hung out like usual and ended up doing a face chart on each other. But because we're so slow we ended up doing only one side of each other's faces. Haha

Maui turned me into a peacock while I did a Asian Eye look on her which btw does not look asian eye like. So here are the pics. Do check out her blog too I'm sure she'll post some up pretty soon. :)

P.S Please do not mind the uber white face and dark neck. The face chart required white face and we were just too lazy to put foundation even on the neck. Haha

The no eye brow look haha
Maui's wonderful creation Peacock

My turn on Maui

The no eye brow lookThe Asian Eyes look
The 2NE1 look haha
The I'm demure look? lol

So here's what we do best, hangout, camwhore and MAKEUP! :)

I had so much fun, I so can't wait to start make up school together! More face charts next time! :) Yayyy

What do you girls think of our attempts (my attempt actually, Maui's a PRO at face charts) ?

Toodles! :)


  1. awesome case!!! and you two looked like you had fun! awesome peacock face and asian eyes. it does look asian. welps - maybe more egyptian. it's closer to asian than the US is - if that makes you feel any better. hehehe ^_^ very awesome art!

  2. me want a traincase tooo! so kewl!

    awesome face charts! :D great job u two! :)

  3. @Calia Thanks girl we both had so much fun doing this. And The case is loveee~

    @Mia Thanks girl :)

  4. You are both so talented! And isn't makeup sessions with your girls the best? :) Goodluck on MU school! Can't wait to hear about your adventures :)

  5. @teeyah Make up sessions are definitely more fun with the girls! :) Thanks and will do, it will surely be an adventure! :)

  6. nice collection on your new traincase..
    you both look really cool!!

  7. wow cool!! pretty traincase!

  8. You both did an awesome job! Great deal on the traincase too!

  9. Lovely traincase and great deal on it too.

    It looks like you and Maui had a great time! Both of your looks were marvelous!

  10. haha well done hun !loll
    ohh the train case looks just perfect !hehehe

  11. @Dina Thanks sweetie

    @Becks Thanks it's love!

    @Nina Thanks we had so much fun doing it! :)

    @~Lisa Yes we had a great time! :)

    @Vabnilla The train case is perfect! Thanks girl :)

  12. Yay! thanks for coming over and keeping me company. I had fun! :D it was nice meeting your train case hahaha

  13. @Maui Yayy we had fun too! haha

  14. Wow, your traincase is so nice =) And the face charts are amazing, especially the peacock, love it! Goodluck to makeup school & to more girlfriends bonding =)

  15. @The NeuroChiq Thanks It's such a great deal! Maui i an expert at face charts isn't she? hehe

  16. Wow, that's a lot of makeup and Cool train case! Nice face chart work.

  17. where in quiapo exactly? thanks ea_hitori@yahoo.com

  18. @Phoenix Im not sure what the place is called but its that building right next to the church with the jollibee on the 3rd floor. Got mine on the 3rd floor corner stall. :)

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