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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beauty Luxe Sale and Ever Bilena Haul (Picture Heavy)

Last October 1, Dior Co had a Beauty Luxe sale at The Enterprise Center Wedding Expo Bazaar. Dior Co is a make up artist who sells big brands such as MAC, Shu Uemura, Benefit, Lancome and a whole lot more. Dior sells her items at 40%-60% off from retail price. In other words she sells them for super savings! :) On October 1, her booth was the first booth we (Me and Maui of www.suushh.blogspot.com) went to. I had received a text earlier that Jamie (www.mizzmakeup.com) was already there, so me and maui headed to the booth.

When we got to the booth, she had tons of make up and skincare products on sale. But she mostly had Shu Uemura more than anything else. So after a while I ended up with the following items:

1. Shu Uemura Face Architecture Foundation Cream
Shade 754 PHP1,600

2. L'Oreal HIP eye shadow duo in
Magnetic PHP400

3. MAC Liquidlast Liner in
PowerPlum PHP500

It was so hard choosing since there were soo much to choose from! But nonetheless I was able to choose, and I am not dissapointed with my selections. The Shu Uemura cream foundation is the perfect shade for me. A little goes a long way, it feels thick although it is not sticky on the face, but thick enough for maximum coverage. The L'Oreal hip e/s duo I bought since I have a Halloween gig and my friend requested I do her make up as *toot* (hehe i will keep this a secret as of now), So I can't wait to do that! I also got the MAC liquidliner just coz the color is perfect, and now that Halloween is about, I may have a perfect use for it hehe. So I left Dior's stall with PHP2500 Damage!

So moving along, me and Maui decided to check out the Ever Bilena Booth. And Lo and Behold!! Everything was running for PHP100!!!!! So what elese to do than hoard right and perfect since I had been hearing so much positive reviews on their Blushes, Perfect! So Hoard we did! haha So here are my EB Hauls:

1.Ever Bilena Blushes
from left to right:

2. Ever bilena Pro Flawless Foundation
From left to right:
Beige (top swatch)
Oriental (bottom swatch)

3. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick
From Left to Right:
No Name :(
Pink Flame

4. Ever Bilena Powder Foundation in Oriental (2pcs)

5. Ever Bilena Make Up Set in A

I didn't realize I had hoarded so much on Ever Bilena until I got home and saw them all lying on my bed. I think I got carried away that all was retailing for only PHP100 each!! Total bargain eh? I love the blushes although they are very very pigmented. I suggest the blushes should be applied with a stipling brush, tapped first then sweep on to face for a more healthier flushed look. The foundations on the other hand are NICE! They are very light on the skin giving just the right coverage you need. The matte lipsticks are surprisingly very very nice too and I'm happy with the colors that I got. :) Love the oriental Powder Foundation because of its yellow tone. It gives my face the perfect finished look, that's why I just had to get 2. The make up palette though is the best steal at PHP100! The eye shadows are a bit powdery but they are pigmented nonetheless! The eye shadow colors are perfect for a bridal/neutral look. The blushes on the palette are nice too since they are matte unlike the single blushes I got which are more shimmery. So total damge done to my pocket is only PHP1300!!!! Best purchase I've ever made yet, and the best part is, these are perfect once I start MU school soon! :)

BTW, Friday was my last day at my advertising job so I am now Mom's mini me in the business at the same time, I will be full time in my Spa Products Distributorship, soon to be Make Up Artist Student and Now Full time Blogger! :) Cheers to that! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Geez, that's a LOT! :) Glad to know you were able to buy so much. I was only able to buy a few items from Dior [also from shu, hehe]. Kaya pala I didn't see the Powerplum! You were really early in there :) I saw the EB stand but wasn't able to pass by because I was really late for work. Sayang! :(

    Good luck with the business Caby :) And more power again with the distributorship.

  2. @teeyah Thanks girl, I had fun shopping. We were there 10am sharp! Haha The EB booth was like a magnet saying "come hoard me" hahaa

  3. Wow, you're going to make up school? I'm jealous!! I hope you have a great time learning new things! =)

    I only got 1 shu lipstick because I got there super late na, and I really needed to get home. I didn't even pass by the Ever Bilena stall! Too bad. Those blushes look amazing! And that palette!

  4. @Jen Yeap in November and I'm so excited about it! :) Me and Maui made sure we went early haha he ever bilena stall was the biggest shocker actually we both never thought we'd be hoarding ever bilena haha.

  5. My first ever blush was from ever bilena....and I think I still have one EB overused blush today....

  6. @adin I'm sure I had EB blushes when I was back in High School too hehe

  7. Wow, what a haul! Wasn't able to go after work cos I had to go home early on Thursday and everyone was just in a panic last Friday!

    Give me a feedback about EB's liquid foundation. I had those in 4 shades.. and they all turned out with an espasol face! Haha! Even my MUA friend who used this, she had to re-do my makeup again and ended up making me look darker cos my face was just so white. Sayang, it's so easy to apply and light-weight pa naman but they just really make your face like an espasol on photos (with flash)!

  8. I also bought the Face Architect Foundation from Dior. Wow, you really hoarded on EB!

    Good luck with your new business! :)

  9. @Gem yes I also haven't tried the EB foundation to test (with flash) hahaha But I have a shoot on saturday so I'll see how it will look on professional lighting and the works. But nonetheless Im still pretty happy with the things that I got. :)

    @Nina Isn't the Face Architecture love? did you get the liquid or cream? :)

  10. oooohh i wonder what that halloween makeup is going to be :)

  11. @Maui Yes I wonder too! hahahahaha

  12. when will they have this sale again? do they have all loreal hip shadows?

  13. hi i just want to ask which one of the 2 Ever bilena Pro Flawless Foundations is darker, the beige one or the oriental one? thanks!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. hi...how can i subscribe to your blog?...sana you will have SALE again ng brushes...I especially like yung mga Ellana mo...teehee...wish lng....

  16. I love your Ever Bilena goodies! I envy you for not being able to experience the bargain! LOL!

    Following you now! :)

  17. how much it would be
    5. Ever Bilena Make Up Set in A

  18. how much is this set 5. Ever Bilena Make Up Set in A

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