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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Craft Store Brushes for less than PHP50!

Last week I dropped by the closest National Book Store to buy bubble film. As usual I ended up buying things that I didn't even need. I ended up in the paintbrush section and I bought 2 brushes to use as make up brushes. I had a hard time choosing but I was happy with my choices.

Top: Pentel Brush in 0 which i bought for a Lip Brush alternative (only PHP38!!)
Bottom: Berkeley brush in 000 the thinest for an eye liner brush alternative (only PHP25!!!!)

Eye liner swatch using Berkeley Brush
Lipstick swatch using Pentel Brush

Pentel Brush used as lip brush

The brush is actually surprisingly smooth. It is made of some animal hair and kind of felt scratchy at first, but once lipstick is swatched with the brush, it easily follows and applies well on lips.

Berkeley brush used as eye line brush

I found my new eye liner brush! This brush is so nice and easy to use. The eye liner shown above on my eye was just 2 easy sweeps with the berkeley brush. I love it!

These craft store paint brushes are great alternatives for make up brushes and they are definitely worth every buck! They are cheap and very functional.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing paint brushes as make up brushes:

1. Make sure that the brush is soft on your skin and won't scratch the surface of your skin.
2. Wash and sanitize the brushes before using them once they have been purchased.
3. In order not to impulse buy, know what purpose the brush will be for.

I really can't wait to go back to National Book Store to check out more brushes, i'll probably go for a concealer brush this time! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. @Krissy thanks it works just as well :)

  2. One of the pentel brushes (forgot the number hehehe) looks suspiciously like the charm blending brush, I didn't buy it because the handle's too long LOL

  3. great way to use non-makeup brushes from make up and cheap is nice! eheheh ^_^

  4. 2kikayfetz yes it looks like the blending brush of charm. You're right with the handle being to long but I have yet to test that brush :)

    @Calia Yang Yes cheap is nice and if it gets the job done then even better :)

  5. I've been looking for good brushes in NBS that can double as makeup brushes! I guess I didn't look that well, haha!

  6. @Nina isn't it fun?? hehe I love NBS :)

  7. I use a couple of paint brushes too for make up. :P Sable brushes are neat!

  8. nice brushes! i have heard good things about craft store brushes, i should grab a few next time i'm at my local art store!

  9. @Pammy what do you use? I wish they had more selections in NBS. Do you know any specialty craft store here in the Philippines that may have loew cornell brushes? :)

    @amynaree Yeap its great to experiement :)

  10. Wonderful find! If it is cheap and it works! You are one smart girl! :)

  11. sabi ni maui lagariin daw. hahaha they have fan brushes too, nasa packs of 5 nga lang

  12. Smart!! I've got to pop by some craft stores in my area. I don't think I've paid attention to any of them when I go in there >.<

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