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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suesh vs. Ellana Flat Top Brush Comparisson

I received a request from Nina to make a comparison review about the Suesh flat top brush and the Ellana flat top brush from my hauls two weeks ago.

Back story:

I have wanted a flat top brush for a long time now since Maui demonstrated her Sonia Kashuk flat top brush with the HG of all foundations on my face and I was amazed! So looking for an alternative I decided to look for local ones.

The first one I saw that looked at par was at Suesh. Honestly I didn't get it right away, it was actually a few months after that I only got it. I was hindered with its price retailing at PHP800 it was too expensive for one brush alone. So determined that I'd find something cheaper I waited. So a couple of months later at the Ellana site i found they were selling the Flat top brush too and this time for only PHP400. I wanted to get it but I really wanted to see it before getting it. So I waited till I saw it to buy it.

I bought the Suesh Flat top Brush at the BPI sale at Megatent, they were on sale from PHP800 to PHP700. So PHP100 off not bad decided to get it. And then two days later at the Poveda Fair the booth next to me was selling Ellana minerals and Brushes. I saw the Ellana Flat top brush and was honestly shocked at its size. It was small! I wasn't gonna get it anymore since I was disappointed at its size. But I couldn't get over it I kept on coming back and forth to the booth to try out the brush. And in the end I got it for my own peace of mind! haha

So here it is:

Suesh Flat Top Brush

The Suesh Flat top brush is the perfect full sized brush. The bristles are about 1 inch in diameter and with 1 inch height.

This brush is perfect for liquid/cream foundation on the face. It gives smooth and even application.

Made from Synthetic Hairs it is dense enough to do the job well done.

Ellana Flat Top Brush

Honestly I was disappointed with its size. The size length of this brush is comparable to SEs of MAC brushes. Pretty small.

The diameter of the bristles is about 1.5cm x 1.5cm.

Although the brush is also very dense and like the Suesh brush, it will be best for smaller applications like under the eye, and is food for liquid and powder.

Suesh vs. Ellana


Suesh FTB has a fuller size better for whole face even application.
Ellana FTB is about half the size of Suesh, better for under the application.

Both Suesh and Ellana show the same quality of its synthetic bristles, very dense and soft on skin.

Suesh FTB PHP800 a little deep for the pocket but worth it.
Ellana FTB PHP400 affordable but i expected a bigger brush.

I have actually put both brushes to the test. The Suesh FTB i used to apply liquid foundation. it gave even application all over the face while the Ellana FTB i used to even out blending for under the eye concealer and foundation. I also used the Ellana FTB to apply highlighting powder under the eye.


The difference in size makes the uses of the FTB distinct from one another.

If you are looking for a FTB for foundation application I will go for the SUESH FTP but if you want one for precise application for under the eye or minerals the Ellana FTB is for you. Given the prices of each brush too, it's best to know what purpose you are buying the FTB for.

Toodles! :)


  1. thanks for the review! i only own 1 FT brush from EDM..

  2. wonderful review! I don't own any of the 2 flat brushes, I've seen the Suesh one up close in a bazaar, but that's it :) Glad to read in depth reviews from someone who used it :)

  3. @Khymm How is the flat top brush from EDM? i saw that too but my eyes were set on the Ellana FTB next to it hehe

  4. @Nikki I had second thoughts of buying the Suesh FTB when I saw it in the megatent bazaar because of its price but I ended up buying it anyway. I didn;t regret :)

  5. nice review.. :D i was looking out for ellana's ft.. it really look small..

  6. Like them both after seeing yours. Btw you are totally right about nail polishes on you haha

  7. @donnarence Thanks it's deceivingly small but does the job well done :)

    @Maui haha yeah they don't last hahahaha

  8. Thanks for the review! I think I'd rather spend more on the Suesh because it's bigger.

  9. Hi Caby, like you, I have a thing for biggies.Haha. So I think I'll go for the Suesh =)

  10. @Nina no problem :)

    @The NeuroChiq Good choice :)

  11. Wow! That's really a lot smaller compared to the Suesh. But, I've never heard of these brands soo...LOL. I'll try to see if my local area sells FTB too ^.^

  12. wow thanks! :D i suddenly want a duo fiber brush too :D

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