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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is our world coming to?

As you may all know, last Saturday, Philippines was hit with Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy its Philippine name) and affected areas in metro manila, its neighboring cities and northern Luzon.

The sudden gush of rains caused floods and landslides left hundreds dead, thousands missing, hundreds of thousands losing their homes and a whole nation in shock with. To date, there are still towns unreachable and people who have yet to eat since Saturday. The whole nation has come together to help all those affected and need rescue and relief. It truly is uplifting seeing the people come together. But now, not even a week after and not even close to recovert, a SUPER TYPHOON is about to come in the country tonight.

Unbelieveable? Believe it. A super typhoon, is the highest and strongest typhoon classification to date in the world. A super typhoon is classified as winds from 240KPH and above.

This breaks my heart, because we have yet to recover and here comes another typhoon, a super typhoon! Stronger and bigger than the one that just passed us. Imagine the damage this one can do. To get a better understanding of what I'm talking about, watch the weather forecast of CNN for today below:

Look at the size of "PARMA" the Super Typhoon coming our way! This is not a good thing.. We need everyones prayers.

Here's a satelite shot of massive PARMA over The Philippines.

Please help us in praying that PARMA decides to take another direction and just eventually goes away. There is too much happening in the world right now. Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Super Typhoons. It is all happening too soon and close to each other, very surreal. I thought things like these only happen in movies.

Help us pray. This is really saddening.

What is our world coming to?


  1. I know! Disaster after disaster, I'm getting pretty scared now.

  2. @Nina Yes so surreal. We need all the help in Prayers.

  3. yeah...

    there are a lot of disasters coming...
    typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, super typhoon...

    what more?!

    i hope that with God's power, the upcoming typhoon will somehow miraculously lose its power...
    *prays hard*

  4. I am praying hard it won't come to us or anywhere else!!!

  5. @Thiamere Yes too much happening too soon. :(

    @Nikki True, no one should go through anything like this. :(

  6. it's insane. i hope this ends soon.

  7. @lelo yeah it is, we all pray it will end.

  8. I know what u mean...I was thinking the same thing.....everything happens in a week....prayers for everyone....

  9. @adin22 Yes its sad, imagine all those lives gone from these calamities..

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