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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Contest Update and Photobooth camwhoring

Hi ladies, time flies pretty fast. It's almost been 2 weeks since I posted my contest. Just an update, tomorrow October 8, 2009 Philippine time is the last day to join my contest. Winner will be chosen on October 9, 2009 using random.org. (All Philippine Asian time)

Thank you for all the girls who have joined, and for the rest of you lovelies you have about 24 hours left to join! :)

Click HERE to join! :)

Anyway, today is a happy day. I received a package I've been waiting for for so long from my supplier. :) I got my set of new Make Up Palettes and a couple of brushes. So I decided to do a smokey look for tonight using the 120 color palette and the 15 concealer palette, and basically I just did a whole lot of cam whoring with the macbook lol! :)

Cam whoring pics starts now:

Werkkiin It!
Hair frustration! I want puffy Hair!!
See it's still straight like crazy!
Goodnight Kiss!

Goodnight Lovelies, It's bed time in this part of the world :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Huwaw! Photos are uubeerrr hawt Cabs! :) Goodluck to everyone joining the contest! wee! how exciting! :D

  2. lol awWw lOve it i'm the same way whenever i get some time!

  3. YAY for goodies in mail!!! aint' that nice? love the look and you're so silly!!! great pictures!

  4. you are too cute. Playing with makeup and cam whoring is so awesome lol.

  5. Great photos!! *gives u a kiss back, LOL*

    Good luck to everyone entering the contest too!

  6. Great look!

    What colors did you use from the 120 palette?

  7. Too cute, love the eyes and your lips!

  8. cute pics ; i do the same all the time lol

  9. @Maui thanks hehe :)

    @Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Love the Mac Photo Booth!

    @Calia Thanks sweetie getting packages is alwayys sooo exciting! :)

    @Lelo Thanks :)

    @Becky Thanks Sweetie :)

    @Lisa Mwahh thanks :)

    @Chee Chee From the 120 I used Black, White Shimmery White and Brown :)

    @Krystia Thanks Krystia

  10. Hi gorgeous,
    I've got a blog award for you! :)

  11. wow kala ko si Marian Rivera :D luv it

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