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Monday, October 12, 2009

FOTD Fruit Punch

I call this FOTD fruit punch because of the play of vibrant colors. I don't know what else to call it actually it just reminded me of fruits haha.

Since I recently got my 120 palette and 15 concealer palette, I decided to put the palettes to the test.

So this FOTD uses only palettes. Here it is. Please don't mind the cam whoring in my hello kitty night gown haha.

Was watching Saving the last dance on HBO lol
*Used MACBOOK to take pics thus the quality

What I used:

Foundation: 15 Concealer Palette brown mixed with Ever Bilena Foundation in Oriental
Concealer: 15 Concealer Palette
Setting powder: 6 Contour Palette
Contour: 6 Contour Palette
Eye Shadow Primer: 15 Concealer palette - Silver
Eye Shadow: 120 Color Palette - Orange, Yellow, Green and Hot Pink
Eye Liner: San San Pen Liner and Avon Black Pencil
Blush: Ever Bilena in EVERYDAY
Lips: Ever Bilena Lipstick in SKIN

So Basically, I had a lot of fun mixing the colors for this look. And I definitely recommend palettes especially for people on budget. It's cost efficient with very very pigmented colors. Definitely does the job well done! :)

For those Philippine Based Readers you can get the palettes from DOLLFACE COSMETICS she has a lot of palettes on hand. You won't be disappointed ordering from Dollface since all the Palettes are love and you will also be dealing with a very nice seller Pearl! Pearl is one of my favorite sellers! :) I got most of my palettes from her while my other palettes I got from my aunt in Hong Kong! :)

Toodles!! :)


  1. I love your FOTDs, very bold and experimental but you work them well.

  2. It's so bold and bright! I admire your courage. For me, I'm super scared to do something like that

  3. Yes, definitely fruit punch :) Cute!

  4. wow..I can imagine how vibrant this will look in person :) great job

  5. Very vibrant Caby, I wish I can do that! =P

  6. very n1ce! u are really pretty!

  7. so thats why you werent answering last night! haha nice color combination :)

  8. So cute, love the blush and lip colour!

  9. @Becky Thanks I had loads of fun doing it :)

    @su-pah Thanks :)

    @~Lisa Been wanting to try something bold and bright so when I got my 120 palette there was just no more excuse not to try it hehe :)

    @teeyah Thanks girl :)

    @Nikki Thanks, sayang my digicam started acting funny, the colors arent so seen with the webcam.

    @The NeuroChiq Thanks girl, I'm sure you can do this too, it's a lot of fun! :)

    @Nehs Awww Thanks :)

    @Maui hahahaha yuhhh wanna go malling today? :)

    @Krystia Thanks sweetie theyre both from this cheap local brand here in the Philippines :)

  10. very nice look! love the yellow e/s.. will be checking out that blush from Ever bilena =)

  11. oh this is very nice! how i wish i know how to apply eye makeup! :)

  12. @Khymm Thanks :) EB has tons of affordable blushes, they are just so pigmented so you have to be careful in using them to avoid having that "SM Sales girl" look haha

    @krissy You should try, its pretty fun, there are tons of tutorials online that you can follow :)

  13. very dramatic!!love the colors you used.. i want a new palette!! 120 looks nice..

  14. @donnarence You won't be disappointed with the colors you are getting with the 120 palette promise! :)

  15. You look like a peacock. shame.

  16. Daring shades! I love the look!!! :D

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