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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take It Off Makeup Remover by Ellana Minerals

We make up junkies tend to abuse our skin with all the make up we put on our faces. Trying new products is our thing, new looks, new color combinations, FOTDs and EOTDs really, we just love make up! But with all these, we have to remember to still care for our skin, because I believe that no matter how good you are with applying make up, good skin is still the perfect base for any make up application. So how can we help in getting good skin amidst all the make up products we put on our face? Simple, proper cleansing.

It is important we cleanse the skin after make up to make sure no residue is left behind. Because once there is residue, this is where skin breakouts and allergies start to occur. And no, washing your face is not enough, you need makeup remover (may this be cream or liquid) before washing your face to make sure that your sking is free from all that make up.

I already found my HG eye make up remover in Lancome Bi Facil and now I think I found my HG make up remover for the whole face. Ellana Mineral's Take it off make up remover.

Photo and description taken from Ellana Minerals Website

Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba and Vitamin E, our makeup remover can be used for the entire face including the eyes. It is based on lightweight natural plant oils and anti-oxidants to remove all traces of makeup on your skin, leaving it radiant and clean.

The description in the website stands true to its promise. I super love Ellana Makeup Remover. A little goes a long way, and it cleanses in one clean sweep! Just pump a little on your palm and spread all over face, after that use a cotton ball or facial tissue to wipe it off. And Alas! All your make up is now off your face and you are left with fresh cleansed skin. All you have to do after that is go through your regular face washing with your favorite face cleanser, toner and moisturizer to complete the skin care steps.

Did I forget to mention how affordable it is? It runs for only PHP180 (Approximately $4 USD!) for a 50ml bottle, Amazing! Although in my case, my makeup remover was in a pump bottle unlike the one in the picture. I will be hoarding this soon, my skin loves it!


1. Cheap for only PHP180 (approximately $4 USD)

2. Small enough to bring in bag

3. Lightweight and non greasy

4. Has a pleasant herb-like scent

5. Really cleanses


1. Has scent (since others prefer no scent makeup removers)

What are you girls waiting for? Grab yourself this amazing Makeup Remover now! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. wow!
    i haven't tried this yet. i always use L'oreal dermo-expertise because it works just the same like Bi-Facil, albeit cheaper. I compared bi-facil & dermo-expertise & they're almost alike! & you say that this is a good alternative to bi-facil...

    i need to try this one na talaga!

  2. another great product :) Just like Thiamere, I am using L'oreal's Dermo Expertise :) And it works like a dream

  3. @Thiamere and Nikki Ohhhh now i wanna try L'Oreal's Dermo Expertise!! haha

  4. sounds awesome.. i've got to try that for my clients!

  5. have u tried using this on ur eyes? does it work well?

    i have the L'Oreal's Dermo Expertise, and although it works well in removing my eye makeup/mascara, it *often* leaves me with temporary blindness! so i have to be really careful with the amount i put, and leave my eyes closed for quite a while

  6. Sounds awesome! Is it $180.00? That's quite expensive!!

  7. @lelo Yes try it! :)

    @Mia Really? that's what I love about Lancome's Bi Facil, doesn't stingin your eyes what so ever. :) And yes i tried it for my eyes but it's not as good as bi facil. So i still stick to Bi facil for my eyes and ellana for the rest of my face.

    @Crystal Sorry girl forgot to mention, this is in Philippine Peso so PHP180 is about $4 USD. So very cheap indeed :)

  8. thanks for this review.. i am always looking out for this.. :D i wanna try this out soon..

  9. @donnarence Yes you should try it! :)

  10. I saw this in the Ellana leaflet, and it looks interesting. I think I have to try this next time =)

  11. @The NeuroChiq Yeap, worth your buck :)

  12. i hope i can get this in aus!
    xoxo elle

  13. This is the first time I've read about Ellana's m/u remover and good to know it works! :) I just thought that rarely do I encounter local brands to be realllly good and Ellana has been pleasantly surprising me. :) On my end, I am so in love with the foundation and I only discovered it recently! :D Thanks got the great review. And too bad I didn't see you at the TEC Sale.

  14. @Elle good news elle, they ship internationally, you can visit their website at http://ellanaminerals.com/ happy shopping! :)

    @teeyah The first time i saw the product I decided to get it right away, and I wasn't disappointed. I was at TEC today during lunch again, totally forgot, sayang i dont have your number. :(

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