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Friday, October 2, 2009

Product Spotlight - Aromacology Sensi's Tea Tree Oil

Hi lovelies!

I think everyone will agree with me that we all want blemish free skin. Like what I always say, no matter how good you are with putting on make-up, the perfect base for make up is good skin. So we do everything we can to keep our skin blemish free. But you all know that in reality it's not that easy for most of us (yes us, i have terrible unpredictable skin! ). I sure try my best to keep my skin blemish free as possible, and I will share another secret of mine with getting rid of those unwanted pimples.

Aromacology Sensi's Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is nature’s most effective versatile healer for skin problems, it is 100 times more powerful than leading antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal medicine. It can be used for cold sores, warts, fungal, acne, bacterial infection, burns, candida, althlete’s foot, insect bites, oily skin, blisters and dandruff, eczema and rashes. Has a pleasant herbaceous smell. (www.revitalizespa.multiply.com)

I really love this product, it is small enough to bring with me everywhere! This is my miracle product. I just dab a little on my finger and start patting the area affected and in about 24 hours, my pimple dries up. :) Aside from that I use this for bites and as stated above, it can be used for everything! Every girl should have this in their bags!

The only thing is, it stings for a bit once you dab it on affected areas. But this is only for a bit! But feeling the stings makes me feel that the Tea Tree oil really does its job! :) So it makes me happy that all the bacteria is being dried up! Hehe

This product runs for only PHP185! Every girl's must have in their bag! Your all around solution! :)

For those in the Philippines who want to try this product, you may get them directly from me, you can leave me a message here or email me at
revitalizeonline@yahoo.com or carla.avancena@gmail.com I am one of the distributors here in Manila for this wonderful brand! :)

For more 100% natural products from Aromacology Sensi, please visit:


We will be in the
POVEDA ECO FAIR on October 18, 2009, that's a Sunday! Do check us out as we showcase Aromacology Sensi Products. I will personally be there, so I do hope to see you guys there and meet you all. :)

Will also post my favorite Aromacology Sensi Products soon! :)


  1. wow...goodluck on being a distributor and I hope sales go up up up :) Take care

  2. Thanks Nikki! Been a distributor for a while na actually but ngayon palang ako mag cconcentrate talaga. I have more time on my hand now :) Hope you can visit us at the Poveda Eco Fair :)

  3. i love tea tree oil, for my itchy scalp and blemishes! great stuff

  4. Good luck with the bazaar, dear :) Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll be able to drop by as Poveda is far from me. I'm sure this product and line will do very well :)

  5. @amynaree Yes tea tree is amazing!!! :)

    @teeyah thanks girl! :)

  6. thanks for this!! i will look this up.. i really am looking forward to more organic stuffs for skin care..

  7. oh it was moved. Goodluck! =) I really like this one, it worked for me. I used it for my back mainly (bacne - ewwie I know haha) it dried up the pimples so fast and the sting actually felt good lol. I use it on insect bites too, and prevents me from scratching haha. I couldnt put it on my face though cause it made me cry. But its the price of beauty haha. Which reminds me I should get one again soon!

    Post the other products! Or ill make a review on some of the stuff I have! I really love the body scrub! =)

  8. @Donnarence Thanks girl, let me know :)

  9. @Maui Thanks girl will post other products soon! :) Let me know when you need another Tea Tree Oil, and yeah the sting is kinda nice haha

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