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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poker Face FOTD

Today's FOTD is a practice of Lady Gaga's Poker Face look. I have a friend who wants me to do her make up as Lady Gaga for Halloween. I agreed so therefore I have to try it on myself first. Haha So i decided to try the poker face look (minus the blonde hair haha). I just wanted to try out the eyes. And in the end this turned out very simple since the eyes were just silvers. :)

The Inspiration:

My Interpretation:

What I used:

MAC NC40 Studio Sculpt Foundation
Smashbox Illuminating Serum
San San Pressed Powder in 03
ELF Blush in Peach keen

Silver eye shadow primer from the 15 Concealer Palette
3 Variants of Silver from the 120 Color Palette
San San pen Liner
Avon Gel Liner in Black
False Eye Lashes from Landmark

Smashbox Quench Moisture Rich Lipgloss
NYX lipstick in Circe on top of lipgloss

I wish I had more dramatic lashes to achieve the look more. But overall this was a lot of fun! hehe :) What look should I try next?

Toodles! :)


  1. I love the eyeshadow! Good job! <3 Rina

  2. It's so shimmery and shiny!! :D

    I love Poker Face! "Can't read my, Can't read my, No, he can't read my poker face!"

  3. Loves it!!!

    I'm so envious of how you pull off that silver so smexily!

  4. Bold and cute, love the lashes!

  5. @Rina Thanks girl

    @Calia Yang Thanks :)

    @~Lisa Haha Thanks :)

    @Lelo Thanks sweetie :)

    @su=pah Thanks girl, it was pretty simple. The 120 color palette is AMAZING!!!!

    @Krystia Thanks :)

  6. wow this is a fun look :) love this

  7. This is gorgeousss! And those lashes are to die for!!! Love your blog :)

  8. @Nikki Thanks super fun :)

    @Sarah Thanks sweetie :)

  9. Niice! I especially love the lashes! :D now all you need is glitter!! How come we have other peoples makeup planned for halloween and we still dont know what to go as? lol

  10. @Maui I wish i had those feather like lashes hahaha I know i have everyone else's do planned already but mine :(

  11. ours haha we better think of something soon! :D

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