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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Product Spotlight - Cold Wax

Here's a review on the cold wax by Armacology Sensi. My sister made this review but since we're both hairy this applies to me too! :)

For a girl, I have a bit too much hair on my arms. My mom always craved and ate balot when she was pregnant with me and they say that’s why I’m a bit too hairy. If you’re Filipino and understand the term “pinaglihi,” yes, pinaglihi ako sa balot. It sucks, because I really don’t like seeing that much fuzz on my arms. Thank goodness for hair removal means, because I wouldn’t know what to do without them!

I don’t shave my arms for fear that the hair will all grow back uglier and thicker. Instead, I wax. I’ve tried several types of wax in the market. From easy to use wax strips to hot wax, but I ditched those, because they either didn’t work well or were just too messy for my liking. Early this year, I finally found something that I really really loved:

What I love most about this wax, is how cost effective it is. You don’t need to buy expensive wax strips/cloths, just use plain paper. Yes, paper! Even scratch paper will work just as well!

Here’s a quick step-by-step visual to show you guys how easy it is to use:

Just scoop a small amount of the cold wax straight from the pot (yes, no heating required!) using a spatula. A little goes a long way!

Apply a thin layer of the wax in the direction of the hair growth. See how long my arm hairs are? Haha!

Lay a strip of paper over the wax and rub in the same direction as the hair growth.

With a swift motion, pull the paper back against the growth of the hair.

Tada! Check out all that hair! =P

Repeat several times covering the entire arm. Afterward, clean the skin with a warm moist towel to remove excess wax.

Look ma, no hair! =D

See how fast and easy that was? :) I can enjoy several weeks of hairless arms with this baby! Plus, it’s only selling at the affordable price of Php215! That’s only about $4.50USD! It’s definitely the perfect salon treatment in the comfort of your own home. I just love it! :)

To enjoy other spa treatments in the comfort of your own home (no eye creams though!), do hop on to www.revitalizespa.multiply.com . Click HERE! :)

Original post taken from http://daily.optimystique.net/


  1. great! does it work also on the upper lip? because i have some hair there that i would like to get rid of. it's not really noticeable, but i'm a bit OC lang. hahaha.. =)

  2. @Jen yeap it works on upper lips too, I used this for my upper lips last week. for upper lips it works best if application is thin and smooth. :)

  3. And.. does it work on underarms? Cos I seriously hate going out to have my pits waxed cos I'm lazy like that! :D This is a very nice post, Caby :)

  4. @teeyah yeap works on underarms too. :) You just have to make sure that when laying the paper on top of the wax make sure that you press the paper firmly so that all wax will stick to paper :)

  5. What's it made of? Is this similar to the sugar wax that's popular right now? :)

  6. Hi Carla,

    Is it safe for sensitive skin?

  7. @Nina yeap sort of similar :) made from botanical products :)

    @Lisa J. Yeap nobody has had any negative feedback so far. But since it is waxing the pulling effect may cause iritation since waxing is somehow pulling off top layer of your skin. It may not be the wax but it may be the pulling off factor.

  8. wow..you are courageous! I am lucky I don't have any hair around the arms and legs area! I am toooo lazy :) Thanks for sharing, I have a lot of colleagues doing this too!

  9. @Nikki Sacrifices of being a girl hehe :)

  10. Niice! :) I have a whole pot of wax waiting to be used though, but this looks much more easier and less messier. maybe i'll give this a try some time :D ohh and im waiting for the aromacology mask to dry off as I am typing LOL

  11. Add my link, please!!! Hahaha! =P

  12. That is a neat post! I really need to get some of that I have dark hair and I feel like I have to shave every single day!

  13. @Maui yayy do a review on the mask soon :)

    @Anna okay will do

    @Brittany I feel the same way. hehe

  14. I don't think the photos look too hairy, but as long as you're happy. I'll have a look out for this in my country. Thanks for the post!Emma :)

  15. @Comptergirl That's actually my sister, her arm has been waxed and its not the first wax shes done. I tell you though you should see how hairy she really is haha

  16. Wow! That looks so clean and easy. But I'm such a chicken!! I have low tolerance for pain. I can't even tweeze my upper lip without having tears pool up in my eyes...O gosh, I'm such a wimp LOL

  17. @~Lisa like what I said sacrifices in the name of beauty hehe

  18. Wow. I must say that that is the cheapest wax I have seen so far. The results look real promising as well. I may try this one as soon as I find out where I can buy them. Any suggestions?

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  20. Easy to use and a safe choice for unwanted hair removal. Great! :)


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