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Sunday, October 18, 2009

As promised: Pics of Last Weeks Haul

Hi guys, as promised in my previous post here are the pics of the Crazy Haul of Last Week.

The items:

The items:

2 Shiseido Balance Foundation in B40 and B80
5 NYX lipsticks in Thalia, Tea Rose, Paris, Circe, B52
2 YSL lipsticks in Rose Epice, Brun Vibrant
2 ELF Blushes in Mellow Mauve and Peachy Keen
1 Suesh Flat Top Brush
1 Ellana Flat Top Brush (New to the haul bought at this morning's fair)

Not in Photo:
2 Saizen Charcoal goodies

Here are the swatches of the products:

NYX lippies from l-r;
Tea Rose

YSL Lipstick from l-r:
Rose Epice
Brun Vibrant

ELF Blush from l-r:
Peachy Keen
Mellow Mauve

Shiseido Balance Foundation from l-r:

Flat Top Brush Size Comparison
Suesh Flat Top Brush
Ellana Flat Top Brush

So here was last week including today's haul. Looking at it now I can't believe that I found time in my busy week to get all those goodies! Like what I said in my previous post, I am crazy.

Anyway, today was the Poveda fair and even though it was hot, I was sleepy and super stressed looking, I had a lot of fun. Sales were well too! So I am a happy happy bee!! :)

Only thing I am waiting for now are the pictures of Saturday's Studio Shoot! I definitely will share them with everyone! I can't wait. I may have another shoot this weekend for different looks this time. :) So that's something to look out for too! :)

It has been a busy week preparing for the fair, taking care of my business, the studio shoot and hauling make up! all will be put to good use! :)

Heading off to bed girlies! It's goodnight in my part of the world! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Can you do a comparison of the Suesh and Ellana flat top brushes? :)

  2. @teeyah They are love :)

    @Nina Sure will do one within the week, I havent tried the ellana since I just bought that this afternoon, although the Suesh is Superb with liquid foundation, I used it for the shoot Saturday and it was nice. But once I test Elana will make a review on both :)

  3. I love ysl lipstick too
    i have it in a peach color


  4. Oooh, lovely haul!
    i should get some NYX lippies! :)

  5. damn that's a hefty haul!! Lucky!


  6. nice haul !
    i want those foundie !lol
    some bloggers say that elf blush give breakout,hope it dont !

  7. Nice Haul :) Love the lipsticks :)

  8. @Angela YSL lipstick is nice :)

    @su-pah Yes NYX lipstickas are nice and cheap :)

    @glimmeringmetal Hehe a lot of hard earned money :)

    @vanilla oh no I hope I dont vreakout with the ELF bkushes

    @CHARRY thanks girl :)

  9. Sweet haul Cabs! Love your picks, great taste!

  10. @Krystia Thanks sweetie :)

    @Jordy's Beauty Spot Thanks :)

  11. Great NYX lipsticks. I like how Thalia looks.

    Good luck with any future shoots you may have! ^^

  12. @~Lisa All the NYX lipsticks are so nice, Goes on realy creamy and the color pay off is great!

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