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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ben Nye for Christmas Please!! :)

It has been almost 15 years since I last stepped foot in the US and Canada. And finally this December we are about 80% sure that we are spending this season's greetings in the land of the free! *Fingers crossed that we push through* It will be a lovely Christmas/Birthday season since the other half is residing in San Fransisco. So yayyy can't wait to spend time with each other and It would be nice to spend the season with him and my family there. :)

Aside from that, i have thousand of things I am lemming on! Especially make up, well actually only make up right now. Hahaha I can see it, my wallet is truly going to be burnt!!

Me and Maui have already talked about the must haves and my must haves are already a hand full. Go here to buy this, go there to look for discounts. Yes I have listed them all. But for the past 2 days, I have been drooling over the Ben Nye Catalog that I downloaded. I WANT THE GRAND LUMIERE PALETTE!

I've seen so many great reviews on this palette and I am not missing out on this one! It has so many uses!

Isn't this LOVE? :)

I want the 12 palette! It is soo beautiful!!!! :) The 12 Palette is about $60usd while the 6 palette is $35usd.

Also the Creme makeup kit looks nice too! :)

The Creme kit is based on skin color, but here's what you will be getting:

(Based on Skin Tone)
Five Creme Foundations, Creme Contour Wheel (Cheek Rouge, Lip Color, and two Creme Colors), Highlight, Shadow, two Creme Colors, Pressed Rouge, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, Black Pencil, Nose and Scar Wax, Hair Color, Translucent Face Powder, Spirit Gum, Spirit Gum Remover, Quick Cleanse, Stage Blood, Rouge Brush, Velour Powder Puff, Latex Sponge, Stpple Sponge, Flat Brushes #0 and #6, Eyebrow/Eyelash Comb, and Swab Applicators.

Only for $45usd!!

Not bad eh? :) but sigh I want both! Which makes my total stage make up bill to about $200usd already including the other stage make up brands, RCMA, CS, KRYOLAN. Aacckk! and oh this isn't including the other brands I'll be hauling while there... *sigh* need-to-make-money!

Oh dear mom I know you read my blog. Read well, this is what I want you to buy me for Christmas. :) Yes aside from the free round trip plane fare! :))))) Okay wishful thinking... Haha

I am having a hard time deciding If i should add this to my list *sigh* we'll see by then. My list is big already as it is... We'll see. Haha

I could just drool at Ben Nye's catalog all day!

Toodles! :)


  1. I am your fairy godmother and have decided to grant you all your wishes! haha you are too cute cabs! Im kind of glad we arent going together cause it would be nuts. Maybe next year? hopefully hayy this sucks haha. Okay im about 90% sure you'll get those ben nye stuff haha. wee new toys!

  2. @Maui sighh I wish you were the fairy grandmother who grants wishes and gives cash for it haha! I know it would be crazy if we go together! Hahahha but it would be super fun!

  3. yes their stuff is absolutely lovely there's a couple of palettes i'd like

  4. we used to use ben nye for our makeup during the musicals i did in highschool and im totally remembering how amazing it was now! super duper pigmented and that palette looks great! let us know if you get them!!


  5. I love Ben Nye products. I use them all the time especially for special effects. Too bad you don't come to Toronto around Nov 21-23. The IMATS show is here and you could get amazing discounts on hundreds of brands.

  6. haha hoep ur mom read this post

  7. I haven't tried these but they look interesting. Though really pricey >.<

    && have fun on your trip! Hope you'll come to Toronto!!

    Please visit my blog at www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com

  8. Ahhh....now you got me lemming for the creme makeup kit. >< Cool, you're going to US for Christmas!! Have fun there.

  9. @Beauty is in the eye of the beholder all their stuff look good!!

    @Kell That must have been fun! Can't wait to get my hands on them!

    @lelo Oh how I wish i could go to Toronto or LA just for the IMATS aaahh!! It would be such a craze for me haha

    @Vanilla I hope so too! :)

    @~Lisa Thanks Lisa :)

    @Lisa J. It's nice huh? Thanks girl :)

  10. We had a few of those Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palettes at the makeup artistry course I did last year and I can tell you, those are some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used! The colours are just insanely beautiful! And because it's Ben Nye, you know you're getting great quality for a pretty reasonable price. :D

  11. @makeupper ohhh you are just making me want them even more!! Ahhh hehe

  12. Oh you'll love the 12 palette. It's so vibrant and worth the price. San Francisco is always beautiful. I live within a good drive from there and find my retreat in San Francisco. As a matter of FACT.. I'm going there tomorrow!! haha... Stop by Vacaville or Napa OUtlets.. CCO currently has a large MAC collection.

  13. @Turkieyah Im sure I'll love it, I can't even stop thinking about it now haha I can't wait to get back to San Fransisco too and visit all the outlet stores! :)

  14. waaah! i want those palettes too :D

    I want to go back to the states na din , huhuhuhu.

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