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Saturday, September 26, 2009

MAC NOTD + Mini Mac Haul

Hi Girls, It's been crazy raining here in Manila almost 80% is under flood due to the heavy non stop rains! All is better in our village now however, there are tons more out there who need help. Anyway, now that I have electricity back, decided to show you guys my NOTD and Mini Mac Haul.

I'm not very much of a nail polish girl since It can't even last me one week (i'm lucky if it will last me 2 days lol). Although I just had to try on this color since it was sooo beautiful.

Here it is:

MAC Nail Polish in STEAMY

Don't you just love how bright the pink is? I feel like barbie haha. :)

Moving on to my mini Mac Haul, a few weeks ago, i stumbled upon sites in Multiply that were selling authentic MAC items. The items immediately caught my eye and I just had to inquire and buy them. So about a week later, here they are:

From left to right:
MAC Eye Shadow in IDOL EYES (Lure collection packaging)
MAC Eye Shadow in Eye Popping
MAC Richmetal Highliter in Dark Influence
MAC Blush in Sunbasque
MAC Fluidline in frostlite

Here are the Swatches:
Taken without primer
MAC Fluidline in frostlite (top)
MAC eye shadow in idol Eyes
MAC eye shadow in Eye popping
MAC highlighter in Dark Influence
MAC blush in Sunbasque

I really like both eye shadows, the Idol Eyes has this beautiful silver with a hint of purple glimmer to it while Eye popping really is eye popping with it's green (not so seen on the photo). The Richmetal Highliter is cream based, I like this since this will be perfect as base when creating smokey looks. Another thing is it's not thick and doesn't feel creamy at all, it actually feels like powder once spread on the skin. For the Fluidline, I'll probably use this as base for most of the time too. It's shimmery perfect for looks that need bright eye shadow. Now that I have a white base hopefully the colors will pop ot even more. :) Love the Blush too since its like a bronzer on my skin already, it really gives me a more healthier natural glow. :)

So Bottomline, I super love my new items and my new nail color too! :)

By the way, thanks to those who have entered in my giveaway contest, goodluck to you girls! And for those who haven;t entered yet, you guys still have plenty of time to join! :) Click here to join ----> My First Giveaway! :)

P.S: There are plenty of Filipinos still stranded in the floods while some even loosing their homes. Please continue praying with me and everyone for their safety. May they be rescued soon and we pray that the floods and rains stop.


  1. The nail polish color and richmetal color. Gosh, it has been so long since I've been to the Philippines (over 10 years ago, yikes). But I do remember the flooding. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them! Keep safe! <3 Rina

  2. I just read my comment, I meant to say that I really like the nail polish and richmetal colors. heehee. <3 Rina

  3. @Rina The richmetal is Love!

    Thanks so much do continue to pray with everyone too. I'm watching the news now and there are people still stranded on the roof of their 2 storey house since 1pm. imagine all the rain, no food while on your roof. Plus the fact that their whole house is submerged in water... must be terrible. :(

  4. @LipGlossGosip Thanks sweetie, don't forget to join my contest too! :)

  5. that pink is such a pretty pink!!!ur new goodies look yummy!! dun u jus love buying new makeup!!

    my prayers goes out to the victims of the flood! so sad on how many family can lose their home like that

  6. that polish is gorgeous! :) its like a happy medium between hot pink & bubblegum pink .. i love it!


  7. Wow you did a great job on putting on nail polish hhah nice haul :D

  8. I adore pink shades nail colors. That MAC steamy is a fabulous color. =)

  9. @Katrina Thanks pls continue on praying with us!

    @Kell I love pink hehehe

    @Maui Thanks haha I tried so hard not to make a mistake lol

    @Sassy J'adore It is a lovely color, go get one too :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. that's a nice pink, similar to the swatch i did recently XD

  12. @Beauty is in the eye... Thanks girl :)

    @Bryna Thanks :)

    @miuMiu Thanks girl ill check it out :)

  13. @donnarence yes i love the pink! :)

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