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Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Falsies + FOTD

After work today, I decided to go around the mall and just look around. But of course, knowing me, you can never just "look around" lol . So as usual I found myself oggling over beauty products, make up and everything that has to do with make up. So I ended up buying new brushes, some empty containers, spatulas and oh my god some really great falsies!!! It was amazing, when i turned to the next aisle it was like i won a million bucks! There it was a gazillion falsies. I'm not even exaggerating there were tons! I wanted them all! So many colors and so many styles! I spent about 30 minutes choosing which to get. I didn't want to haul since I've never tried the brand before, so i chose only 4. It took me forever to choose! I really wanted them all! haha Check out the ones I got.

Please click to appreciate closer

Aren't they just pretty? I'm in love! The ones on the top are the more natural ones and the ones you can use on an everyday basis, while the ones on the bottom are for special occasions or fancy make-up looks. I was super curious about trying fancy falsies like the one with studs or ones in different colors so I decided to get the ones at the bottom. The only thing though, these come without glue so you'll have to purchase the glue separately.

Here's my FOTD using the bottom left falsies, I decided to do a green/purple look to match the falsies.

Please click images to view larger

What I used:

Mac NC40 sculpt and shape foundation
Mac Powder
San San Coral Collection Blush
Make Up Forever Highlight and Contour

Cinema Secrets Concealer Palete <--- HG Concealer :)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
White eye pencil as base
Green/Aqua e/s from CS 78 Palette
Purple e/s from CS 78 Palette
Indigo/Blue e/s from CS 78 Palette
San San Pen Liner

San San lipstick in Pink Berry Margharita

For San San product details used please click ME! :)

Can you see how long the lashes are? Amazing! So overall I am happy with the result of how the falsies look! They aren't very hard to apply, and the quality isn't tacky or cheap so these will probably last 3 uses. That deserves 2 thumbs up and a big big smile!! :)

I can now go back and start HAULING!! oh I am so excited!!! :) I have to start Hauling before my make-up classes start! Weeehh! I'm even more excited!! :)

Will be trying on the rest of the falsies in other FOTDs. Which one do you guys think I should try next? Let me know! :)

Toodles! :)


  1. The ones in the upper right hand corner are SO nice!

  2. so excited to go and hit landmark! lol the 2 at the top look like the one i got from ebay, but mine came with glue but theyre mehh..the 2nd one on the top is really pretty but kinda scary looking long. I love the first one :)

    Im glad you love the concealer too! HG indeed! :)

  3. ohhh and yeah cant wait for november :) weeh

  4. omg those lashes are soo fabulous. Looking around never happens to me too unless im really broke lol

  5. Awesome lashes and the eyeshadow color combo is very pretty. =)

  6. @Crystal Yes I can't wait to try them! :)

    @Maui Oh my let's hoard! I can't wait for November! Im so excited! :)

    @Becky I think it's impossible for all girls to just "look around" haha when I'm broke I don't attempt to look around, I'll just end up making myself feel bad haha

    @Sassy Thanks hon :) they're amazing lashes :)

  7. man look at those lashes! <3
    so pretty and dramatic! :)

  8. @Sugar Thanks for viewing too :)

  9. Oh wow, these lashes are gorgeous!

  10. @Blair thanks sweetie, they are really nice :)

  11. hey! thanks for the comment and following! I love the eye lashes! you're so pretty!!! BTW i'm following you too now!!!

  12. @Sylvia thanks so much, the lashes are great! Thanks for following :)

  13. hola! thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog:) I'm following you, hope you don't mind:) feel free to come back when you want!
    xx from madrid!

    pd. beautiful lashes, I've never tried ones :O!

  14. wow super cool lashes!

    LT @ elle-tea.blogspot.com

  15. @beautifulnemo thanks so much for following and I loved your pictures on our blog. :)

    @L.T Thanks :)

  16. Nice lashes! And nice FOTD, too :)

  17. I love those eyelashes...very glamorous indeed :D

  18. Thanks they're one of my best finds. Affordable yet functional :)

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