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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Estee Lauder Event + Celebrity Night

Saturday was a loooongg day! I had work since my artists had things to finish for my accounts, I attended an Estee Lauder Event and in the evening was my best friend Ivan's 24th birthday.

The Estee Lauder event was held at the cosmetics floor in Rustans Makati. Thanks to Diane who referred me to Pepper (he handles events for Estee Lauder) for allowing me to attend the event. It was a very intimate event which ran from 2pm-4pm. The people from Estee Lauder talked about the importance of skin care, its effects and its long term benefits. They also showed us demo videos on easy steps in applying make up, tricks and shortcuts. I had a wonderful time watching these videos. Amanda was the make up artist, she had worked with Estee Lauder for 2 years in the US and now she does free lance for Estee Lauder whenever they have events. She showed us how to put on foundation and set with powder, eyeliner, pouty lips and also how to achieve the smokey eye look with very easy steps! I sure was amazed!

The SA also tried this Gel Foundation on my face plus the Estee Lauder Signature blush in Plum Nuance on me and I swear It was flawless! I want to get the products badly! I reallyy had a good time, so for all Manila residents let me know if you want to attend this event too, I know they have one on September 26, 2009 in Rustans Shangri-La Mall! Let me know so I can give your names to Pepper :)

I promise to make a post to share the few tips they taught us that day! :)

Oh BTW here are the freebies I got from the event:

Pic from the event
My giveaway!!!

Ivan's celebrity 24th Birthday Celebration

Me and my friends are really loud and crazy. As communication arts graduates we have a deep connection with Movies, Television, Celebrities and Show Business. So for Ivan's 24th birthday party, he decided to come up with a theme. His theme was "Celebrity" .

You basically just had to come as a celebrity or as a character in a movie may it be hollywood or not. It was so fun, as usual me and my friends get crazy with each others company!

Check out the pics below (Pls click each picture to view bigger)

Me as a Bollywood actress

From l-r
Me with JUNO or OCTO MOM who is it? lol
Me with The Devil Wears Prada Girls
Me with the Birthday Boy Harry Potter
Me and Ninoy Aquino lol

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Ninoy Glasses

With the Baroness and Ninoy
With Michelle Pfifer in Dangerous minds and the girls with the Dangerous Minds lol
With the "Bad Ass Girl" as Kara would describe her costume lol

Any occasion is a kick-ass occasion when it's with these people. I had so much fun putting make up on the girls too! :) Happy Birthday Ivan!! Loved this night!

Toodles!! :)


  1. you look so pretty with your makeup.. love your falsies.. you remind me a lot of marian rivera

  2. @donnarence oh wow thanks! I look different without the falsies though hehe. The falsies are my biggest steal at only PHP50 at landmark :)

  3. You shoudlve gone as Marimar pala eh! haha =) Love the pictures looks likethe party was a hoot! Too bad I missed both events. Will see more of you soon! countdown begins now: 16 days! then we can be dorks and practice on each other before we go back to school hehe

  4. thanks for following girl! wow you kinda looked like marian rivera hehe you must get that a lot eh?

  5. @Maui Yeah it looks like I shoud've just went as Marimar or Rosalinda hahaha yes 16 days seems like such a drag though. But I cant wait to be dorks hahahahaha

    @April Thanks so much, Actually I don't get it often just now. hehe

  6. I'm having a MAC plushglass and skincare giveaway on my blog. :)

  7. @Young,Fabulous and Pregnant Thanks for dropping by, I'll check it out :)

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