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Thursday, September 17, 2009

MAC Haul

Waking up this morning was like waking up as a little girl on Christmas Day!

Mom had arrived from Vancouver this morning at 4:30 AM. At around 5:45AM, the usual time my alarm signals my wake up time, I heard voices outside. On a usual day I'd complain and head back to bed for another 20 minutes. But today was different. I instantly jumped out of bed as I knew Mom was already outside fresh from the airport.

Mom came with sooo many goodies, Bags, Sunnies and of course my MAC HAUL! :) I couldn't wait to get them the minute she had left fro Vancouver 2 weeks ago. And when she handed me my things I just couldn't stop smiling! :)

Initially I had ordered:

1 Pro Palette 15
11 e/s refills
1 Photorealism Quad
Paint pot in Soft Ochre

I was so happy she came with so much more!

My Aunt threw in a used MAC quad with 4 e/s, but sadly one of the e/s broke during transit. I was able to press the e/s and even though only 1/4 is left, it's still functional. Not only that there was a whole box filled with Nars Samples, Avon products, eye liners, Skincare and soo much more! It was crazy! Wayyy better than Christmas I tell you! :)

So without further ado, I present to you my goodies. :) *excitement!!*
Here's an image of the Pro Palette 15 with the 11 e/s refills I had ordered plus the 4 e/s that my aunt had given. From l-r the e/s are:

Vanilla, Embark, Aquadisiac (from aunt), Creme de Violet, Electric Eel (from aunt), Shroom, Goldmine, All that glitters (from aunt, e/s broke during transit! :((( ), Beauty Marked, Freshwater, Woodwinked, Amber lights, Scene (from aunt), Prussian and Deep Truths.

Here's an Image of their swatches:

From l-r:
Deep Truths, Freshwater, Electric Eel, Prussian, Scene, Creme de Violet, Beauty Marked, All that glitters, Aquadisiac, Woodwinked, Shroom, Vanilla, Amber lights, Gold mine, Embark

Here's my second order, the photorealism palette:

From l-r:
Photorealism, Fresh Approach, Image Make and Grey Range

From l-r:
Photorealism, Fresh Approach, Image Make and Grey Range

Some more goodies!!

Paintpot in Soft Ochre, MAC Glitter in Antique Gold and MAC Blush in Desert Rose.

This is only some of the Make Up products that I had received this morning from my mom, I would blog about all of them but I honestly wouldn't know where to start!

So you see how much of a happy girl I am today! I got these packages before I left for work today and I had to bring my Pro Palette 15 and Photorealism Quad since If I didn't I would be thinking about them the whole day! Haha I am crazy. *bow*

So out of excitement, I did a look using the Photorealism Quad, Desert Rose Blush and Lip Stuff and other products from the loot from Vancity. :)

And Oh! Maui, your loot is here too! :) See you this weekend! :)

Toodles My lovelies! :)


  1. gorgeous colors! id be beyond excited to get all of that! :)

  2. I'd understand the excitement. I would have been like a little girl, too, if I were you :)

  3. Just like Christmas indeed! This month has been too crazy for us Cabs hahaha =) Love it! :) Yay! Tell your mom I said thanks in advance soo excited to get my stuff too! :) youre the best!!!

  4. awesome haul.. :) ill be yapping like crazy too if im the one to receive ur loot.. haha

    and i love your FOTD.. so fresh-lookin.. it can be a great look for an evening beach party.. :)

  5. @kell Thanks, they're all love! :)

    @Teeyah Just like Christmas! :)

    @Becks Thanks So much! :)

    @Maui We're crazy indeed. If I didnt' have work you know I wouldve gone straight to your house but *sigh* weekend it is haha

    @Kay Thanks sweetie, The Photorealism palette is so versatile, It's really nice :)

  6. how exciting!!!! <3 you're so cute! :P your new items got to travel to work with you :P

  7. @Kay Yes they did, I wouldn't be able to go to work if they weren't with me lol

  8. OMG! what a great colors,nice blog btw, take a look at ours whenever you want. We invite you to follow it,

  9. yay for completing the MAC palette! :)

  10. @imlee Thanks

    @Simes Thanks I can't stop looking at the palette hehe.

  11. @Nikki Thanks, This palette will be my current vice, I want to complete another one! yikes!!

  12. And what a lovely haul yay ^_^. The e/s colors are sooo pretty ^_^

  13. I love the colors in the mac pro palette. That green is amazing, I need to pick that up!
    Cute blog! Happy weekend!

  14. @Ems Thanks sweetie :)

    @LifestyleBohemia Thanks for dropping by, All the colors are love! :)

    @CHARRY Thanks :)

  15. I love using yellow and green, your eyes are so pretty!

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