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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogsale Items and FOTD

I got my blogsale items which I purchased from Jen. I ordered 2 Rimmel eye shadow pencil, One in Gold and one in frost white, and, 2 Lip glosses from NYX in peach and Ballerina Pink. The colors are so cute! Thanks so much JEN!

If you all want to see her blogsale items, click HERE! :)

The Items plus the swatches:

The Freebies!!! Thanks so much Jen! :)

Here's my FOTD using some of the products from the Blogsale! :)

What I used:

MAC NC40 Studio Sculpt Foundation
MUFE Highlight and Contour
MAC Irridescent Powder in Belightful

Cinema Secrets Concealer
MAC Paintpot in painterly
Rimmel Gold eye pencil as Base
Beige Shimmer E/S from 28 neutral palette
Brown shimmer E/S from 28 neutral palette
San San Pen Liner
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara

NYX Round Lipgloss in Peach

Sorry for the short posts recently, I've been burned out with work with all the crazy deadlines, but don't worry I shall have freedom VERY SOON! :)

And one exciting thing, Tomorrow Mom arrives from Vancouver, and with her is my MAC HAUL!!!! :) I'm so excited! So to my lovely blogger friends stay tuned for that tomorrow.

Toodles! :)


  1. nice fotd!

    Jen is so nice to always include freebies,right?

  2. cute fotd :) that lip color is gorgeous..
    and can it get better than getting to see mom AND getting a MAC haul? i don't think so!! :)


  3. @Thiamere Thanks sweetie freebies are icings on a cake! :)

    @Kell Mom and MAC do go well together! hehehe :)

    @Maui Yes and guess who's back! IT'S HERE!! I'm so bummed i have to go to work now instead of swatching everything! hahaha

  4. Can't wait to see your MAC haul :)

  5. @CheeChun will post it as soon as i get home from work today! :)

  6. wow.someone's coming back home and more kikay stuffs :) love your FOTD, Marian Rivera :D

  7. @Nikki Yes super excited!! Thanks I just really don't see the resemblance though hehe

  8. thanks Carla! i'm really glad you liked the items. =)

  9. @Jen Thanks too! :)

    @MelRoXx Thanks :)

  10. Your face is gorge, and those earrings are too cute!*_*! Loving this peach gloss too!

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