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Monday, August 31, 2009

Saturday Night Fun!

Last Saturday was loads of Fun. Me and the girls drove up north to celebrate Kara's 23rd birthday at her bachelorette house. Yes she has a bachelorette house. Haha okay so we decided to go there early so I could begin prettifying everyone. Everyone just had their preferred colors and they left everything else to me. :) So here they are:

Please click image for larger view

from l-r
JK - She Pink and Purple
KAT - Black smokey eye
KARA - Green and Brown
JAJA - Blues

So here's me with the girls at the bottom
Please click for larger view

So I was able to prettify the girls in time for the rest of the crew to arrive. As usual, it was a lot of fun for me and my friends. We just kept laughing and laughing about everything! And when I thought my stint as the MUA ended with the girls, I had 3 unlikely clients with unusual make-up requests that followed. If you're curious about what I'm talking about, check out the following 3 below:

Please click each image to view bigger

Mother Earth
Joker/serial killer
Jack Sparrow turned EMO

Okay the rest of the night was just too funny! I'm so glad I have friends who are so game for anything! Hahaha here are some of the best pictures of the night. Basically these pics are a ton of Role playing with me this time :) HAHAHA

"Lady Pussycat Gaga"




"Lunar Eclipse"

"True Bloody"

Isabella Swan-Lake

It was one heck of a night. We all had loadsa fun! I had a great time prettifying everyone including the boys haha! I so hope this happens again. :) Here's a Behind the Scenes look at me at work.

Toodles! :)


  1. LOL I love the twilate, truebloody pictures haha. ivan is a hoot! :)

  2. @Maui Thou shall not be named! hahahahaha

  3. Looks like you had a blast! The Underdog and Twilate pics are cute. :)

  4. looks like you guys had so much fun! thanks for sharing! i wish my guy friends were willing to let me put makeup on them!!! <3 Rina

  5. @pammy yes we had such a blast :) Thanks

    @Rae630 Had such a agreat time. My friends are so willing for anything hehe :)

  6. Looked SUPER fun and your photos are hawt! :D

  7. haha that does look fun! the makeup is very good!

  8. Omg, how fun! Looks like you guys had a blast! I love the Twilate pictures! ahaha

  9. @teeyah Thanks sweetie it was loads of fun :)

    @Eugenia Thank you! :)

    @Crystal Thanks, the twilate pictures are my favorites :)

  10. haha.. pretty fun pictures :P
    i especially like the twilight ones! :P

  11. @Kay Thanks it was a lot of fun :)

  12. Coolers, looks like too much fun! lol

  13. @Krystia Yeap it was super superr fun! :)

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