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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tres - Tita Cory

I actually had no plans on watching Former President Cory Aquino's procession along ayala ave although during lunch I realized the streets in Legaspi Village were so empty. So after a quick lunch, me and Gelo took the little walk to Ayala Ave. And Like what the TV had reported the place was raining Confetti/Shreded office paper/yellow pages. Haha Me and Gelo did not attempt to go to the front of the pack therefore we stayed along the walk way in front of enterprise.

The moment when Cory's coffin passed us, it was uplifting. I have never been part of anything like it before (since i'm a people power baby). It was good feeling that I was a part of History in some way or another by being there. And seeing all those people there gave me hope that the Filipinos do care about their Nation. And there, in the coffin, was the first lady President in Asia and the first to let the Filipinos know, that Democracy does exist and we have hope. Now that she's gone I hope that the Filipino people will continue to make smart decisions and elect someone to power who can represent not only our people but also our democracy.

When Cory's casket was by her husband's statue

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