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Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Falsies

Today was a long day at work, so much needs to be done and just thinking about it I can see how next week will be for me (over time galore!!). And oh did i mention that i have to work this weekend too? Blahhhhhhhh
So, before going home to make myself relax and feel better, I went around the mall and had a lot of "should I buy this?" moments. I was choosing over:

1. A Dress
2. A Skirt
3. Shoes
4. Falsies

And the Falsies won. So before dinner, I purchased 2 falsies at The Face Shop. I wanted to get all kinds, probably 5 of them, but I had to limit myself (bills time of the month). :( These lashes are very affordable though! They only run for PHP115!!!

So i was sooo excited to go home and try them. I decided to do a blue and brown shadow with the XL The Face Shop False lashes. I used:

Urban Decay Primer on my lids
Aqua Blue E/S from coastal scents 78 palette
Indigo Blue E/S from coastal scents 78 palette
Dark Plum E/S from coastal scents 28 neutral palette
MAC liquid liner

My application wasn't even haha

(Taken from mac photo booth hence quality)

Overall I would have to give these false lashes from The Face Shop 2 thumbs up. Because for its affordable cost you get good quality lashes that don't look cheap. I can definitely re-use these again to about 3 times. The glue included was amazing! It's easy to apply and it stuck on pretty quick with no mess whatsoever! So I highly recomend The Face Shop false eye lashes :)

I'm definitely going back for more.... but maybe in 2 weeks time haha.

Toodles! :)


  1. Saturday work mode din ang drama mo??? Haha pareho tayo!!! :) haha

    I guess no LAX for me! haha

  2. I know it sucks! :( hang out nalang tayo if there's time. pfftt.

  3. You should wear those everyday, they look natural on you! :) You got me all hyped up to get new lashes now I cant wait to get me some xlh. im seriously stocking up!! haha

  4. hahaha I wish I could wear these everyday. Let's go and stock up on the falsies :)

  5. Haha! My next post is about falsies rin! Coincidence! I've been wearing them alot lately since I can't wear makeup haha!

  6. Yayy to falsies! :) where do you get yours?

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