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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

San-San Haul + FOTD

Hello lovelies! How has everyone been? I've been pretty busy with work at the start of this week, but that won't stop me from blogging. hehe

After work today, I dropped by the closest HBC store to check out the San-San Cosmetics gondola. I have been hearing good reviews about this brand for quite some time now because of its great quality for such an affordable cost! When I say affordable, IT IS SUPER AFFORDABLE!! :) I initially wanted to buy their eye shadow brushes however they were out, so I decided to try their other products. It was so hard to choose, they have a lot of products! Oh, by the way, I got my loot for only PHP535!!!! That's about $11! Cheap eh? So check out my haul below:

San-San eye shadow trio in 03
San-San eye liner pen
San-San eye shaow duo 09 (greens)
San-San eye shadow pencil in peach
San-San eye shadow pencil in green
San-San moisture lipstick in pink berry margharita
San-San coral collection in golden seashore

Moisture lipstick in Pink Berry Margharita

San-San coral collection in golden seashore, I super love this, it's actually an eye shadow duo but i bought it so I can use it as blush! :) Check out the swatch:

leftmost: darker pink, middle: orange/peach, rightmost: both colors combined

Swatch Eye shadow sticks and Eyeliner pen

Swatch of eyeshadow duo in green

I was so thrilled because the products are really nice and super affordable. I just wish there were more HBC stores around. They aren't really present in all malls so you might have a hard time locating a store. But don't worry, the visit to an HBC store is worth it! :)

Anyway, here's my FOTD using some of the newly purchased San-San products :)

What I used:

Smashbox Illuminating Serum
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC40
Make Up Forever Highlight and Contour
San-San Coral Collection in Golden Seashore used as Blush :)

Smashbox eye illuminating serum
MAC NW35 concealer
Urban Decay Primer Potion
San-San eye shadow pencil in green (as base)
Mineral Eye Shadows in Aqua, Dark Blue and Black (click here for the swatches)
San-San eye liner pen
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

MAC NC30 concealer as primer
San-San Moisture lipstick in Pink Berry Margharita

Okay, I really have to get ready for bed, work again tomorrow!

Goodnight Everyone!

Toodles! :)


  1. that's pretty cheap

    i used to have their cream shadows but for some reason i just stopped using it. the san san blush in 05 is a dupe of nars desire..based on jing's post

    how cool is that?!

  2. AHA! I see the studio Sculpt has found a better home :) pretty fotd! :)

    I am so lemming on that eyeshadow/blush and the eye liner pen the eye shadow sticks look good as well. hmmm hbc, i must visit you! LOL

  3. @thiamere yes super cheap! the trio eye shadow is actually cream shadow, not really into cream shadows, i bought it for base purposes hehe. their blushes are nice i just hope that they start naming their varieties instead of numbers. Haha

  4. @Maui yes let's visit! (take note: let's!) haha cahmannn! Let's haul everything and spend hours in the store hehhee

  5. pretty fotd! i love the colors you picked. i've never tried san-san, but i am really interested because of reviews as well. will have to keep your picks in mind when i finally do.

  6. awww you're looking fab as always. and all those for just a little over 500 pesos? omg! I really gotta run down to the nearest HBC store. great finds sweetie. =)

  7. @Jackie Thank you, you have to plan a visit! :)

    @ChinkyGirlMel Yes great deal huh? You won't regret your visit :)

  8. that's a very very pretty look from San San, I've wandered around HBC and they really have cool stuffs :)

  9. @Nikki Thanks girl, they have a lot to choose from! I'm thinking of trying their vast range of nail polish next. :)

  10. Carla! Meryll here. OMG! I miss our make-up sessions in the office. Anyway, can I just say how many HBC stores there are! There's on in Galleria. And if I remember it correctly, there's one in Glorietta, too! Parang I wanna try this San-San din ha! Hmmm....


  11. I love all your hauls but my favorite is that lipstick! So pretty on you. This makes me want to raid San San, tuloy. :D

  12. @Meryll I miss our make up sessions too! :( Go try na super cheap lang! :) Galleria is near you go after work hehe :)

    @teeyah Thanks girl, I suggest you raid asap and post your hauls too. :)

  13. Ooh very pretty. Love the blush especially. :)

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, following! :) I saw San San cosmetic at this mall. I never heard of this brand but it sure it pigmented. :)

  15. @Ahleessa Thanks yes theyre actually very nice, it's my first time to try them. I tried them out of curiosity :)

  16. Sounds pretty good! I love this blog. I'm a follower! :D

  17. I've never tried these products before :)
    Looks very nice and shimmery :)
    love your look! <3 very pretty eyes! :)

  18. @kay They're a local cosmetic line here in the Philippines. Really cheap stuff. :)

  19. I've tried the mascara and the liquid liner from this brand. Both are okay I guess but what really annoys me is that they both dry out so fast! within a couple of weeks my mascara was too thick to use and the liner was similarly dried up.

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