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Friday, August 21, 2009

Trying Avon

I have always been fascinated with direct selling and AVON is the most classic and the first thing I think of. I love going through the product booklet and choosing items even though I haven't seen them yet. Nowadays this concept has evolved to online shopping, but even with this, I must say, seeing the product booklet still gets me excited! Hehe

So I was in a meeting with my client and by the end, my eyes were being drawn to a familiar small booklet. I reached out and asked if this was an Avon Booklet with sparkles in my eyes hehe. She had sparkles in her eyes too and replied Yes, I sell for my sideline. Then I was thinking, doesn't this benefit us both, this is building client relations while making myself happy with direct selling shopping hehe.

I wanted to get so much but I also thought, multiple purchases will be better (building relations aspect) hehe. So first batch of my orders were:

1. Glazewear Diamond Lipstick in Nude Gold
2. Fashion Earrings (super cute!)
3. Eye pencil in violet blue
4. Eye pencil in emerald green (to follow, color was out of stock)
5. Red Cosmetic pouch (discounted price for getting the Diamond Lipstick)

All that for only PHP700! Haha And oh, I also get a free gift since I bought a Diamond lipstick, It's a promo now since it's part of their new line Glazewear. So I'm still waiting for my free gift and my emerald green eye pencil. :)

Here's a look at what I have now:

So here's me with everything on lol
AVON Eye Liner in Violet Blue used as e/s base on lids
AVON Eye Liner in Violet Blues used for lower lashline
AVON Glazewear Diamond Lipstick in Nude for Lips
AVON Fashion Earring :)

The Rest of my face:
Coastal Scents Palette using Blue and Aqua Shades e/s
Coastal Scents Palette using Plum e/s
Coastal Scents Palette using Silver e/s
MAC liquid Liner
MAC NW30 Concealer
MAC Paintpot in painterly for e/s base
Clinique Pressed Powder
Make Up Forever Contour and Higlight
Smashbox Bronzer
Pink Blush
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

Toodles! :)


  1. awww..your soo pretty. ive only tried some of avon's eye liners and i really like them. i just recently became an avon rep so ill see how that goes. im just excited with all the discounts im going to get with makeup lol.

  2. the earrings looks so fab.. :)

  3. @BECKY Thanks love, their eye liners are really nice, I just hope they had more colors though. Good luck with being an Avon Rep I'm sure it will be fun, and yes discounts are the best. :)

  4. @Kay Thanks, the earrings are really nice :)

  5. Post a swatch of the nude gold ( you know those two words are calling my name!) hahaha :)

  6. i love the intensity of blue on your eyes.:) pretty!

  7. New to your blog! I am so curious about Avon. Maybe I will give my local rep a call. You look awesome btw.


  8. @Michelle They have a lot of neat stuff. Thanks :)

  9. Cute earrings and your eyes and blush are great!

  10. @Krystia The earrings are my favorite! :)

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