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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome to my very first post. This blog will contain posts of anything and everything under the sun.

I'll begin this post with a pictures of me and my super friends Hehe. These pictures were taken during Michie's Birthday salubong at Manor. All of us were so excited since we haven't gone out out in like such a long time. Haha We spent ours at Shangri-la changing and doing make up. Oh yeh, our make up was courtesy of our MUA Maui Manalo. Hahaha We love make up so much, me and Maui's make up craze goes back as far as I could remember.
As far as when we had nothing to do on Saturdays but hang out in each other's houses practicing make-up. Or let me rephrase that, before we were allowed to go out therefore all we could do was hang out in each others houses haha.

Anyway, make-up now for us has turned in to an expensive hobby that we cannot resist. We work for make-up haha

Enjoy the pictures! It was Black night for us.

In the elevator going to the car.

Our first shot of the night, Patron!

Mich, Moi et Maui with our Mai Tai's

With Kathy this time in the bathroom. lol

With Adrian this time, look at Ivan and Maui in the BG. lol

Toodles! :)


  1. Wow yay you finally made one too! :) Sad truth, we work for makeup. I wont even dare compute how much I spent the last 6 months and how much of my salary went to makeup (i know its more than half) I cringe at the thought.

  2. Isn't it all worth it though? Haha

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