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Saturday, December 5, 2009

KPOP Convention (pic heavy)

Hey Girls, today was a fun filled colorful day. Literally hehe. I was given the chance to be Make Up Artist for the first ever Philippine KPOP Convention held at the Alabang Starmall.

For those who aren't familiar (I wasn't before this haha) KPOP or Korean Pop Convention is a gathering of everyone who is a fan of Korean pop. And wow, the turn out was crazy!!!!!!! The place was filled with different booths of different korean pop stars and groups and a program was also held. There were games, dance contests, singing and also cosplaying, of course all within the KPOP theme. My good friend Kring is actually the founder of KPOP Philippines and she organized the whole event. Proceeds of all tickets will go to Gawad Kalinga and a total of about 2 thousand people came! It was crazy! Super successful! MYX and Flippish.com were only a few of the sponsors.

So what was I doing there? Well Im not really a fan girl but don't get me wrong I like korean music but it doesn't count coz umm I only know 3 songs hehe. But I was there to do the make up of the Hosts Kring Elenzano and Roxanne Barcelo. We had little time to do make up since everyone was soo busy! But it was all good. :)

Here are some of the images from today.

Before the show

By the booths:

Chrina Cuna of Flippish.com

This guy was giving free hugs hahaha

When these life size pictures arrived everyone went crazy!!! But forgive me I don't know them. lol

During the Show:

Kring and Roxanne:

Backstage Pics wth moi:

Me using Ellana minerals foundation and blush

It was such a fun filled day no doubt. I never knew until now how big of a following KPOP has in the Philippines. It was really fun watching them scream and really enjoy themselves over korean pop. Congratulations Kring and to the whole KPOP community. Looking forward to the next KPOP convention. :)

Toodles! :)


  1. @Sherry Thanks it was such a fun day. :)

    And yeah, still feeling purdy with the make-up! ^__^
    Galing galing! Even the fans were like... Wow, Roxanne looks like a star!!! (and I, a girl for once)

  3. @Kring Anytime Sweetie I had fun mwah mwah :)

  4. Wow, interesting! Kpop fans are really hardcore based on what I've read and heard from others. Great job on the makeup! :)

  5. @Nina Yes they are hehe it was a fun experience though :) Thanks :)

  6. Great photos!!!
    aw...I wish there was a KPOP convention here in Cali. I'm a huge fan of Korean artists. =)

  7. @Sassy J'adore Thanks, Im sure there will be one there too soon :)

  8. waah..ang cute cute!!hehe mga kpop fanatics,i watched boys over flowers kaya kilala ko yung mga life size models na yun.i want to have this kind of experience too.hehe.

  9. @SHOBE AY sila pala yun hehe thanks. You should have gone ang daming tao! :)

    @lelo Thanks :)

  10. I love the FREE hugs part! Also, KPOP sounds fun! Is it gonna be celebrated annually?

  11. @Lyndsay Cablido After the success of the recent Philippine Kpop Awards I believe this will be an annual thing :)

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