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Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Wishes

Its December already, and my does time go by fast. This year has gone past in a breeze, a lot of things have happened and fortunately I consider them good things. :)

This year has been full of love. I welcomed the year with my love my boyfriend, I entered a job closer to what I studied in college and of course, my passion for makeup has just evolved.

I always look forward to December not only because of Christmas but because December i also my birth month! :) I always feel this every year. The feeling that December just came too fast and too soon, but it still shocks me every time. It just sucks though how sometimes, well quite often than not I end up celebrating my birthday and Christmas at the same goes for presents haha.

I turn 23 this year but I wish I was 21 forever hehe. I really feel that next year once January sets in, whatever I decide to do next in my life has to be the goal and what I really want to do. I have declined a few job offers recently that would pay bills but I know in t he end it will make me unhappy. Therefore I really have to be sure with my next steps. And right now, I really am considering make up as a profession. I have taken the first few steps, enrolling into LCI, my make-up brush business (Coming veryy soon!) and taking on a few make up gigs to immerse myself in the environment. I am also highly considering another step that will stenghten my make up passion further although it entails a really big investment so I really have to be sure about the current path I am taking. I have wanted nothing less now except for make up, I even stopped lemming about luxury bags haha so given that, here is my birthday Christmas list:

1) "I am also highly considering another step that will stenghten my make up passion further although it entails a really big investment so I really have to be sure about the current path I am taking." -- I really want this *fingers crossed*

2) A whole line of HD Makeup; Foundations/Concealers/Translucent Powder from: RCMA , Graftobian, Cinema Secrets.

3) Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette

4) Beauty Blender - I know some people selling it here but without the cleanser, but I am highly contemplating since I find PHP1200++ still quite expensive for just one sponge and no cleanser. So I dunno, I hope I get one for my birthday or Christmas. Or get my brother to buy one for me *ahem*ahem* Hello brother If you are reading this. :)

Basically right now, those are the things that I really want, I'm kind of obsessed about creating a perfect base for makeup thus the beauty blender and HD makeup. I have my Cinema Secrets ones but I still need some in other colors. Oh, there are some brands too that I want to try like: Joe Blasco, Face Atelier and Yaby Cosmetics.

Even though I'll be a year older this month, I'm glad to celebrate my Birthday and Christmas happy in love and beautiful because of makeup haha.

Toodles! :)


  1. i really want that beauty blender too!!

  2. Advance Happy Birthday Caby! :)

    Good for you, you've jumpstarted your aspirations to become a makeup artist by enrolling in makeup school. I really want to pursue makeup artistry as well but I haven't even gotten my feet wet. Sooner or later I have to do some drastic steps just to achieve my goals! :)

    Good luck to you!

  3. Shine Viduya - NaheDecember 7, 2009 at 12:40 AM

    Yo Carla, make parinig to JR about your birthday wishes..hahaha! baka mag ipag shopping ka din ng make up.. hehehe :)

  4. @Imee I can't wait to get my hands on one. It looks really nice!

    @Nina Thanks nina. :) It's exciting and scary at the same time because I gave up my job to do this. But so far I don't regret what I did. :)

    @Ate Shine Haha Kay kuya Brian nalang :)

  5. Shine Viduya - NaheDecember 7, 2009 at 1:29 AM

    Goodluck on your new career. :)

  6. That foundation palette look really good. :)

  7. dude I feel the same way. I want to make my makeup hobby into a career. Its sometthing I love. I have a makeup school in mind already and the tuition is not that expensive. I'm parying for it!

    I wish you luck and, I'm sure you will be great in whatever path you take.

  8. LOL instead of putting up mobiles you make a blog entry now haha :) now spam them this link over and over again hahaha

  9. @Ate Shine Thanks! :)

    @M :) yeah it is love :)

  10. @Becky Go for it! :) And thank you, I wish you luck on your endeavors too. :)

    @Maui I know right haha I think I'm too old to be making mobiles and print outs of what I want. But I am thinking of spamming them this link haha

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