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Monday, December 28, 2009

De-potting my UDPP

Hey guys, first of all a Merry Merry Christmas to everyone out there. I hope everyone had a Christmas full of love and sharing. :)

About a week back, I decided to de-pot my UDPP since the wand wasn't getting anymore product and I know from other reviews and videos about how much product you can still get when you do this. But honestly I was shocked at exactly how much I got. hehe

So first, on the kitchen counter, I got a knife and sliced through the middle part of the UDPP.

Check out the product already :)

Next are the following images showing how much product was still in the jar. I also decided open the bottom part of the jar and ta-da! more product to de-pot!

click image to enlarge

Here's the empty UDPP jar with the remaining contents in a separate jar. I was able to fill up an empty screw top jar. I was expecting to fill only half. I guess I won't be buying any UDPP anytime soon! hehe

Toodles! :)


  1. sis, it felt great to depot your UDPP no?hehehe Sis, try to put it on a "glass" jar as the plastic one will make the primer potion dry up faster :)

  2. gotta give you props babe! i dont think i can do that to my makeup, i love pretty packaging! hahaha ^_^

  3. @Nikki Thanks for the tip I'll find myself a glass jar :)

    @coffretgorge I love pretty packaging too but my first udpp i threw out thinking it was empty. So I regret doing that haha

  4. i agree with nikki..putting it on a plastic jar dries it & udpp dries really fast when exposed to air!

    in my case, i put it on a twist pen to be sure that it won't dry up.

    i've been meaning to post how i depot my udpp but i always forget...

  5. @thiamere Noted will buy an empty glass jar :) Where did you get your twist pen? :)

  6. Great tip on how to save other products that are packaged similarly to the UDPP! Thanks!

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