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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Haul To Date! :)

Earlier this month, I finally ordered the products I've been wanting to get for the past couple of months. Most of the items I got were part of the "December Wishes" post and even though its past December, better late than never. :)

Today, they arrived and I couldn't wait to pick the package up from my courier. Here it is :)

What's Inside:
Ben Nye Banana Visage Poudre
Ben Nye Cover All Wheel SK-1
Ben Nye Rainbow Wheel
Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Wheel
Ben Nye Fantasy Fireworks Wheel
Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel
RCMA Wheel (Shinto 1-4)
RCMA Wheel (KO 5-8)
Beauty Blender Duo
2 Mixing Palettes (1 for my sister)

I had been very patient yesterday staying home and not calling the couriers and following up my package. While, since Thursday last week I had been calling them endlessly because I was just so darn excited! I mean how could you not get excited to receive a package like that? :) I would definitely like to thank my mother whom, allowed me to use her credit card to make these purchases. Yes girls, I do not own a credit card and that is by choice! I do not trust myself with one (I picture online purchases with a credit card as easy as buying candy in the sari sari store) and I don't like having debts, hence I do not have one, so thank you mom for letting me use your credit card. :) Here are other images of the loot. :)

Ben Nye Haul

Rainbow Wheel
Fantasy Fireworks Wheel
Cover All Wheel SK-1
Lumiere Creme Wheel
Creme Rouge Wheel
Banana Visage Poudre


KO 5-8
Shinto 1-4

Beauty Blender and Palettes

I am sooo excited to swatch and try all of the products!! I am sure they won't disappoint because I am an OC little girl. I researched each and every product, watched tutorials and read reviews to make sure I won't be disappointed. :)

Help me out, which one should I review first? :)

Toodles! :)


  1. Wow! That is a haul indeed! :P

  2. nice haul,sis..

    i wanted to try the beauty blender for myself...i just dont know where to buy & how much aside from ebay e

  3. wow...taray ng haul mo sis, woww talaga hihi,

  4. banana powder and color wheels!!

  5. pretty haul sis :D pick one you like most dear.

  6. wow they look nice!!! great haul caby

  7. @Pammy Yuh super happy :)

    @Thiamere Si steph of HD MAKEUP sa multiply is selling beauty blender :)

    @aiyoh Thanks tagal ko pinag lawayan lahat yan muna bago makuha haha

  8. @Maui Weeeeh! :) give me an empty jar with sifter k? :

    @Sherry Thanks so much and will do :)

    @Donnarence Theyre all super nice! Thanks :)

  9. i wish may relatuves akong ganyan ka generous sa states nice haul sis super!!!!as in!

  10. your hauls look gorgeous! I've always wanted to try Ben Nye, so can't wait to read your reviews :) Enjoy the Beauty Blender :)

  11. @SHOBE Thanks sis! :)

    @Nikki Super worth it ang Ben Nye ganda ng colors, and i now know why the beauty blender is so raved about. Super ganda nga :)

    @Malditang Doktora The Banana Powder is nice :)

  12. is it as pigmented as its colours??? i luv it so vibrant!!!

    xoxo elle

  13. Ben Nye haul first!! I want the beauty blender!! ughh I'm so jealous!!!

  14. the beauty blender! they come with two? I've always wondered why ppl like it so much!

  15. @Elle, Yes from swatching it is. Will do a review of each stay tuned for that. :)

    @CosmoFreakaLeak Ben nye is Love!! :)

    @Stephanie Yeap they do, they come in twos, in ones, with cleansers or none. :)

  16. Wow, nice haul. I cant wait to see the swatches!

  17. @Charry Thanks :) Will be uploading reviews and swatches soon :)

  18. the banana powder from ben nye is on my list too as well as the beauty blender. but i'm holding out till april!

  19. @Crystal You won't regret the products :)

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